21 December 2013

ドクターX2~外科医・大門未知子~ Doctor X 2 ~ Gekai Daimon Michiko ~ Quotes

  • ドクターX 2 Dokuta X 2 (Doctor X 2)
  • ドクターX2~外科医・大門未知子~ Dokuta X 2 ~ Gekai Daimon Michiko ~
English Title:
  • Doctor X 2
  • Doctor X 2 ~ Surgeon Daimon Michiko ~

Episode 01

Daimon Michiko: What I wear is none of your business.

Episode 02

Kanbara Akira: Shopping is the desire to improve oneself.

Karasuma Kaneo: I don't think you have to, if you don't want to.

Daimon Michiko: If you're going to do nothing and close up, why did you open up in the first place?

Episode 03

Episode 04

Shijo Rumiko: He forces troublesome matters on other people. He's always been like that.

Daimon Michiko: If the patient's life is saved, will someone be inconvenienced?
Daimon Michiko: "I hope she really dies," isn't that what you're thinking?

Shijo Rumiko: Titles, status, power; believing in those things and holding those things close to my heart, that's how I lived.

Episode 05

Daimon Michiko: Even if (your surgery was perfect), it is meaningless if the patient is not cured. I'm saying that's why you failed.

Daimon Michiko: You don't do anything that could possibly fail. That's your secret.

Episode 06

Kondo Shinobu: I guess he's my role model of how not to be.

Kondo Shinobu: What do you think his favorite saying is? "Being alive today is good enough."

Kondo Rokusuke: You see, when it comes to parts, every one of them is there because it has a purpose. There isn't a single part that doesn't serve a purpose.
Kondo Rokusuke: You gotta take care of things. If it breaks, get it repaired right away.

Daimon Michiko: Nothing in the body is unnecessary!

Daimon Michiko: Being alive today is good enough. Being alive tomorrow is even better.

Hiruma Juichiro, also known as Hiruma Shigekatsu: It appears you're much luckier than I thought. But then again, it's your life. You must have your own life philosophy. Whether you sit here or turn around and leave this place behind, you decide for yourself... Decide quickly.

Episode 07

Episode 08

Daimon Michiko: I don't want the surgery to fail, so I do it myself. You don't want the surgery to fail, so you won't do it yourself, right?

Episode 09

Hiruma Juichiro, also known as Hiruma Shigekatsu: Get a clue, will you? There's a difference between what one thinks and what one says.

Daimon Michiko: Even if I don't like them and we don't get along, we know each other. It's better that we know each other, we can function as a team.

Kameyama Hisashi: In the end, the one who survived in the organization is...
Tsuruta Takumi: ... the guy who didn't do anything.