17 January 2016

응답하라 1988 (Answer Me 1988) Quotes

Title: 응답하라 1988 Eungdabhara 1988 
English Title:
  • Answer Me 1988
  • Reply 1988
  • Respond 1988

Episode 01: 손에 손잡고 (Hand in Hand)

Sung Deok Seon: As middle children all over the world know, for the eldest, it was because they're the eldest, and for the youngest, it was because they're the youngest, that I had to always yield to them. Even so, I thought that my mom and dad were aware of how much I'd sacrificed. But that wasn't the case.
Sung Deok Seon: In some ways, one's own family is the most oblivious.

Sung Dong Il: Your mom and I are sorry. It's because we didn't know. When your sister was born, we were worried about how to teach her. When you ware born, we were worried about how to raise you. And when your brother was born, we were worried about how to shape him into a good person.
Sung Dong Il: Dads don't automatically become dads the moment you're born.

Sung Deok Seon: In some ways, one's own family is the most oblivious. But what's so important about knowing?

Episode 02: 당신이 나에 대해 착각하는 한 가지 (The One Thing You Misunderstood About Me) (The One Thing You’re Mistaken About Me)

?: A moment's decision influences the next ten years of your life.

Sung Deok Seon: It's just that adults keep it bottled up. They were just busy being adults, and they just acted strong due to the pressure that came with their age.

Sung Deok Seon: Sometimes, you need an illusion to be happy.

Sung Dong Il: Oh, please. Death is the end. What good are filial deeds after your parent dies? You have to treat your parents well while they're around.

Sung Deok Seon: An adult-like child is just one without complaints. It's just that they've acclimated to the world of adults, and they've grown used to the illusions around them. An adult-like child is just that, a child.

Episode 03: 유전무죄 무전유죄 (Not Guilty If You’re Rich, Guilty If You’re Poor)

Sung Dong Il: People who are less fortunate should help each other out!
Lee Il Hwa: We're not in the situation to be helping other people right now.

Sung Dong Il: With money, you'll never be satisfied whether you have a lot or not!
Lee Il Hwa: You wouldn't know, since we've never had money, would you?

Lee Il Hwa: Do you know what the scariest thing in the world is? The fact that someone who has nothing is trying to help others.
Lee Il Hwa: We're not well enough to be helping others.

?: The rich are innocent and the poor are guilty. A person who has money is blameless while the other who has no money bears the blame.

Episode 04: Can't Help~ ing

Sung Bo Ra: What I'm saying is, focus more on an everyday level. If you're dumb, you should at least try hard.

Lee ?: How can you win every time? Losses happen. They say that losses are all a part of gaining experience. Just consider this loss as a good experience, and forget about it already.

Sung Dong Il: No matter how much better others' things may seem, they all have their faults.

Episode 05: 월동준비 (Preparing for Winter)

Sung Bo Ra: Sometimes, I felt like my mom was an embarrassment. There were time I couldn't understand why she seemed to lack self-consciousness or a sense of pride, and got angry. I didn't realize it then, but it was because there was something precious that she wanted to protect more than herself. And that it was because of me. When true love manifests itself, it doesn't allow one to be concerned over one's pride and causes one to cast it aside. That's why mothers are strong.

Sung Bo Ra: They say that God created mothers because they can't be everywhere at once.

Episode 06: 첫 눈이 온다구요 (The First Snow is Falling)

Episode 07: 그대에게 (To That Person)

Sung Deok Seon: Time continues on; that's why time eventually creates farewells, and it always leaves people with regrets.

Sung Deok Seon: If you love someone, you have to tell them now before your fleeting days become filled with regret. In some ways, the biggest present that time leaves us with is the memories we have of loving others.

Episode 08: 따뜻한 말 한마디 (One Warm Remark) (One Warm Word)

Sung Deok Seon: One's feelings can be put into words, that's why just one remark can give off warmth.

Episode 09: 선을 넘는다는 것 (What It Means to Cross the Line)

Kim Sun Young: Isn't life and this world so unfair?
Kim Sun Young: Is life so hard for just me? Why is mine so difficult?

Choi Moo Sung: There's no set order when it comes to dying. This is just the way life is.

Choi Moo Sung: In life, sometimes you become indebted to others or you inconvenience others. It happens. Everyone lives like that. Don't suffer too much on your own.

Sung Deok Seon: A line indicates a limit, saying "that's as far as you get". To maintain that boundary means to maintain the same familiarity, and it means that one will respect the universe that it outlines through abiding by its rules and maintaining the relationships existing in it as they are.
Sung Deok Seon: This also means that, if one were to never cross that line, one would never experience the world, rules, and relationships outside of the currently established boundaries. If one wishes for a new relationship, if one wishes for love, one must cross the line. If one were to not cross the line, that line would demarcate the limit of how far you and that person can go.
Sung Deok Seon: Of course, there are some lines in this world that should never be crossed.

Episode 10: Memory

Sung Bo Ra: At your age, parents with money are better than parents who are present. Do you understand that?
Sung Bo Ra: So stop messing around and go home already. Also, If you're discontent with something, don't run away from home. Just get angry. Why are you holding it in? They won't know unless you tell them. How are they supposed to know when you haven't told them?
Sung Bo Ra: Your mom and dad are busy enough as it is. How can you expect them to take care of your mental state, too?

?: No matter how old you get, you'll always be a kid to me.

Episode 11: 세 가지 예언 (Three Different Prophecies)

Episode 12: 누군가를 사랑한다는 것은 (Loving Someone Means...) (What It Means to Love Someone)

Wang Ja Hyun, also known as Joey Wang: Isn't it too late for that?
Sung Deok Seon: The moment you think that it's too late is --
Wang Ja Hyun, also known as Joey Wang: It's really too late.

Sung Bo Ra: You hate seeing your mother suffer, right? And not seeing her suffer makes you feel more at ease.
Sung Bo Ra: Hey. Well, for your mom, not being able to buy you Nike is what she hates most. Why are you only thinking about what's most convenient for you? Have some consideration for how your mom feels. Is your peace of mind the only important thing, you immature punk?
Sung Bo Ra: Loving someone is not just the feeling of wanting to give them things. It's the desperate desire to give them things.

Sung Bo Ra: It's really difficult to love someone.
Sung Bo Ra: To love someone does not only mean that you love to feel them near you but it means that you love to acclimate yourself to them.
Sung Bo Ra: And also, to love someone means that no matter how much pain or grief that person causes you, you find yourself wanting to hate them so much yet you can never bring yourself to hate them.
Sung Bo Ra: To love someone, doesn't mean that you don't hate them. It means that you can't hate them.

Episode 13: 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 (Superman has Returned) (Superman is Back)

Choi Taek: It’s okay if I lose, right?

Ra Mi Ran: But, Sun Young, what about your own life? I mean, your kids are important, yes. You can ignore me and say that I'm just blabbing on because I don't understand your situation but... you only live once too, okay? Isn't that right?
Ra Mi Ran: You should live happily just once too. Isn't that right?

Choi Moo Sung: "Don’t act thoughtlessly. A real man should conduct himself calmly and move his body with as much prudence as if he were moving a mountain."

Sung Bo Ra: When I was young, Superman lived at my house. He was a MacGyver-type of guy who could fix anything in the world and he’d appear out of nowhere to fix every sort of problem. And he’d never show any sort of weakness whatsoever. However, I came to know the truth after growing out of my childhood. Just like Superman, they were all normal people whose true selves were still hidden.

Sung Bo Ra: Nobody knows what kinds of unfair, sad, scary, difficult things that fathers were forced to face throughout their lifetime. And now the reason why they endured through the unfair, sad, scary, difficult things in the world is because they had people they had to protect. It’s because they have families who depend on them as the 'father'.

Episode 14: 걱정 말아요 그대 (Don't Worry, Dear) (Don't You Worry)

Ryu Dong Ryong: How do you feel? Instead of other people liking you, who is it that you like? You're so clear about the way you like to eat sweet potatoes. Don't you know what type of person you like?
Ryu Dong Ryong: Deok Seon, I mean Soo Yeon, you can like someone instead of someone liking you, right?

Episode 15: 사랑과 우정 사이 (Between Love and Friendship)

Sung Sun Woo: They say that one needs to look at someone's eyes to know whether or not they like someone. They say that one's eyes can't lie.

Episode 16: 인생이란 아이러니 - 1 (Life is Ironic Part 01)

?: Even though it's hard now, you'll look back on these times with fond memories, when you get older and have kids. Okay?
?: Yeah. You probably don't understand what I mean, at your age. You don't realize what a great time in your life this actually is. How would you guys know, at your age?

Episode 17: 인생이란 아이러니 - 2 (Life is Ironic Part 02)

Kim Sung Kyun: You know how they say "life is full of blessings in disguise". I think that saying is correct.

Sung Deok Seon: Why am the only one with no dream? ... I still envy people who have dreams... How did they find out what they want to do? And why is it that I don't have anything I want to do?

Episode 18: 굿바이 첫사랑 (Goodbyw, My First Love)

Kim Jung Hwan: Fate doesn’t come around at any time. To use the word fate, it has to be a dramatic moment brought by coincidence -- that what makes it fate. That’s why another word for fate is timing. If I hadn’t gotten caught at just one of those lights, if those damned red lights had helped me out just once... I could be standing in front of her right now, as if it were fate. My first love was always held back by that thing they call timing. That damned timing.
Kim Jung Hwan: In the end, fate and timing do not just happen out of coincidence. They are products of ardent desire and earnest, simple choices that make up miraculous moments. Being resolute, making decisions without hesitation -- that is what makes timing. He was more ardent, and I should’ve had more courage. It wasn’t the red lights, nor the timing that was bad... but the countless times I hesitated.

Kim Jung Hwan: "Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get." Even if I’ve picked the bitterest chocolate of them all, it can’t be helped. That’s the fate I chose. There’s no regretting it, crying about it, or being heartbroken about it.

Episode 19: 당신은 최선을 다했다 (You Did Your Best)

?: There's no such thing as friendship between a man and a woman.
?: Friends? What a joke!

Jang Mi Ok, also known as Maggie Cheung: Do what you like to do, whatever it is that you think about all night long.

Episode 20: 안녕 나의 청춘 굿바이 쌍문동 (Goodbye, Ssangmun-dong)

Ra Mi Ran: I think I survived because of our kids. I didn't raise the kids; I think they raised me.