06 July 2013

Four Sisters And A Wedding

Title: Four Sisters And A Wedding
English Title: Four Sisters And A Wedding
Country: Philippines
  • English
  • Filipino
Year: 2013
  • Toni Gonzaga
  • Bea Alonzo
  • Angel Locsin
  • Shaina Magdayao
  • Coney Reyes
  • Enchong Dee
  • Sam Milby
  • Bernard Palanca
  • Janus del Prado

Four sisters try to stop the wedding of their younger brother and in doing so, all discover resentments among each other.

Four Sisters And A Wedding is an interesting movie on family dynamics, and I think the characters are based on the supposed personalities of siblings according to their birth order.

The many traits associated with an only child is attributed to the eldest sister Teodora Salazar, also known as Teddie. Second sister Roberta Salazar, also known as Bobbie, embodies the characteristics usually associated with the oldest sibling. Third sister Alexandra Salazar, also known as Alex, perfectly captures the widely accepted middle child image. Fourth sister Gabriela Salazar, also known as Gabbie, is caught between two roles as she's a middle child but there are times where she also assumed the responsibilities of an eldest. The son CJ Salazar, also known as Reb Reb, is the typical spoiled and overprotected youngest child.

When CJ announced that he wants to get married, his four older sisters are against his plans and are not fond of his fiancée. Most of them are worried he's rushing into things, and he may be making a wrong decision. Gabbie in particular doesn't like CJ's fiancée for him.

Teodora Salazar, also known as Teddie: So what's the point of him having a parent and older sisters if we won't help him? It's our job to make sure he makes the right decisions, and corrects the wrong ones.

I'm surprised that CJ is even willing to get married ahead of his older siblings. It's not like a fixed rule or anything but generally, siblings and cousins usually get married by birth order unless a younger sibling has to get married right away because there's a baby on the way. Of course, there are instances when the next sibling in line gets married first because an older sibling is not likely to get married at all.

I understand the older sisters' dissatisfaction with their younger brother's fiancée. I think it's not always personal. No matter how many faults our own brothers and sisters have, we think the world of them and we want the best for them. I think we'd always think the boyfriends and the girlfriends they introduce to the family are not good enough, no matter how accomplished and amazing these people are.

That is, until we get to know them. Given enough time, we'll usually warm up to our siblings' significant other and we'll see how happy our siblings are in their relationships. Then we'll finally see what we couldn't see before; that our siblings are great individuals, and they are with equally wonderful people.

Anyway, I think brothers and sisters have a very special relationship; these are the people we grew up with and they know us quite well, sometimes they even know us better than we know ourselves. Our siblings are often ready to defend us against other people who hurt us, but our siblings are also the people who can hurt us deeply at times.

People are always comparing siblings against each other that siblings are sometimes very competitive with each other, and at times they resent a brother or a sister for being better at something.

Teddie has voiced out her envy of Bobbie for being the best out of all the rest, such as for being the prettiest, for being the smartest, and for being the most successful. Likewise, Alex has always spoken of her insecurity for being the worst of the lot, such as for being less intelligent than her sisters, and for not having as many scholastic achievements.

Four Sisters And A Wedding also talked about how parents have favorites, although most parents would be quick to deny that it is true. Parents often say they love their children equally, and that they treat their children the same way.

Grace Salazar: Are you saying that I'm unfair?
Roberta Salazar, also known as Bobbie: No, Mom. I'm saying you have your favorites.

Parents should accept that although it is possible that they love their children equally, they will treat each child differently. Parents would pay more attention to children who need more help; they will take better care of children who are weak and are often sick; and they will more closely guide the children who need more direction. Is this a sign of favoritism? It may not be, but it is inevitable that some people may see it that way.

Four Sisters And A Wedding is far from perfect as it tried to do everything, from comedy to drama. I can't really take it against a film for doing what it was expected to do though since it should be all that if it is going to appeal to the mainstream Filipino audience.

Unfortunately, there are also too many characters in the movie and although they are portrayed by capable actresses, there isn't enough time to do each character justice in terms of story lines, or at least relevant dialogues.

Four Sisters And A Wedding