21 July 2014

杉杉来了 Boss & Me

  • 杉杉来了 Shān Shān Láile
  • 杉杉来吃 Shān Shān Lái Chī
English Title:
  • Boss & Me
  • Come, Shan Shan
  • Eat, Shan Shan
  • Shan Shan, Come & Eat (Come & Eat, Shan Shan)
Country: China
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Year: 2014
Episode: 33
  • 赵丽颖 Zhào Lì Yǐng
  • 张翰 Zhāng Hàn (Hans Zhang)
  • 黄明 Huáng Míng
  • 李呈媛 Lǐ Chéng Yuàn
  • 张杨果而 Zhāng Yáng Guǒ Ér
  • 百克力 Bǎi Kè Lì
  • 王汀 Wáng Tīng
  • 石安妮 Shí Ān Nī

高珊 Gāo Shān - Roll the Dice
Xue Shan Shan is a very ordinary girl in all aspects. She loves to eat, and she's always eating because of her big appetite. Shan Shan is happiest when she's eating delicious food.

She is a new employee at the prestigious Feng Teng corporation, and Shan Shan feels a little out of place at work. Her superiors and colleagues are suspicious about the simple girl with average qualifications, and they think that Shan Shan was hired because of some fortuitous connections.

One night, she received a strange phone call. The person on the other line instructed a half-asleep Shan Shan to take the taxi waiting in front of her apartment building to a hospital, and that some people would meet her there to give her further instructions.

Confused and worried, Shan Shan hurriedly goes to the hospital, where she is told to go to the maternity ward. She then meets a cold man who states her name and her blood type AB - RH negative. When Shan Shan confirms her identity, the man tells her that his sister, who has the same rare blood type as Shan Shan, is giving birth, and asks her to stand by at the maternity ward in case his sister will need a blood transfusion.

Kindhearted Shan Shan quickly agrees to donate blood, but asks for the cold man's identity. Shan Shan draws a blank when he said his name is Feng Teng, and so she asks him further if she should know him.

Feng Teng is the president of Feng Teng corporation, and he is Shan Shan's boss. The company hires some people based on their rare blood type, which may be necessary in cases when anyone from the Feng family will need a blood transfusion. The family may ask these employees to donate blood in exchange for some compensation.

Such as in Shan Shan's case, she was hired despite her lackluster qualifications because of her rare blood type.

张翰 Zhāng Hàn - 风之诺言 Fēng Zhī Nuòyán (Wind's Promise)
I love Boss & Me, and it is the best Chinese drama I have watched so far. I had enjoyed the production from start to finish, and it is not something I can say for my other favorite Chinese productions.

I find it amazing that actress Zhang Li Ying is still very beautiful despite the drawn on thick eyebrows, that I was intrigued enough to check out the drama's first few episodes. I think she's a talented actress because she was convincing and endearing in her portrayal of a simple-minded character, which is not something many actresses can pull off.

I think it helps that Xue Shan Shan is an interesting character because she struggled to prove herself at work since she was hired because of her rare blood type, and not because of her capabilities.

She also had to deal with being ordinary, something that wasn't a problem until she became romantically involved with her outstanding boss Feng Teng, and then she had to figure out how to come into terms with improving her credentials while staying true to herself.

Xue Shan Shan: Although I cannot become the best person, I can become the best of me. Although I cannot become the person who is your best match, I want to use the best of me to match with you.

Boss & Me is a typical romantic comedy with the stereotype perfect male lead character and flawed but tremendously adorable female lead character, but I had a great time watching each episode. I find myself smiling whenever I watch Shan Shan and Teng, and I always can't wait to get started on the next episode.

Anyway, I love the cartoons used to show what Shan Shan is thinking, because the animation allowed much room for expressing her thoughts in a creative and exaggerated manner.

For instance, when Shan Shan finds out that employees like her who donated blood to the Feng family were usually given monetary compensation but Feng Teng's sister Feng Yue found it insulting and she instead gave Shan Shan special packed lunches daily, she was thinking that she'd much rather prefer the check (because the lunch boxes always have the pork liver that she doesn't like). While she was thinking that she'd rather be 'insulted' and receive money, the drama showed the Shan Shan cartoon character running after a check that is floating away from her.

杉杉来了 Boss & Me