05 January 2013

こたつDE嵐 Kotatsu de Arashi 2013

  • こたつDE嵐 Kotatsu de Arashi
  • 福嵐特別企画!こたつDE嵐 Fuku Arashi Tokubetsu Kikaku! Kotatsu de Arashi
English Title:
  • Kotatsu de Arashi
  • Fuku Arashi Special! Kotatsu de Arashi
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2013
Episode: 01
  • 大野智 Ohno Satoshi
  • 櫻井翔 Sakurai Shō
  • 相葉雅紀 Aiba Masaki
  • 二宮和也 Ninomiya Kazunari
  • 松本潤 Matsumoto Jun

Kotatsu de Arashi is a special television program where the five members of Arashi sit under a こたつ kotatsu and talk about various topics.

10秒チャレンジ祭り 10-Byō Charenji (Challenge) Matsuri (10-second Challenge Festival)
In the 10-Byō Challenge Matsuri, fans submitted ideas for a 10-second challenge that Arashi members can play and the chosen ideas were put in a box. The members pick the challenges that they will play on the spot.

I like Kotatsu de Arashi because as always, I like watching the five members of Arashi together. The show is basically where the members watch some of highlights of their own shows, and sometimes share some behind-the-scenes information.

Some scenes were featured from まごまご嵐 Mago Mago Arashi, which is one of my favorite variety shows of all time. It showed funny scenes from the segments Ichi Nichi Mago ni Narimasu and Arashi no Totsugeki Kodomo no Ban Gohan.

The show is a great summary of what the Arashi members have done in the Fuji TV station since their debut in 2001 and until 2012. It focused more on their earlier shows, so it's quite nostalgic to look back on those times.

Anyway, there were some heartwarming fan accounts during the recording of the 10-Byō Challenge Matsuri section. Fans whose ideas were chosen were invited to the recording, but the Arashi members weren't able to play all of them because of time constraints. When the recording ended, the members said that they will play all the remaining challenges but it won't be aired in Kotatsu de Arashi anymore, and they did!!!

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こたつDE嵐 Kotatsu de Arashi