08 December 2017

致我们单纯的小美好 A Love So Beautiful Quotes

Title: 致我们单纯的小美好 Zhì Wǒmen Dānchún De Xiǎo Měihǎo
English Title: A Love So Beautiful

Episode 01: Dear Jiang Chen

Episode 02: Can You Find Me?

Episode 03: Please Vote for Me

Episode 04: Running with the Wind, Freedom is Our Direction

Episode 05: Heated Drama Series

Episode 06: It's Not a Big Deal

Episode 07: Two Days and a Night

Jiang Chen: Just because we don't know something doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Episode 08: Stay There, I'll Come to You

Jiang Chen: Okay. You stay there. I'll go to you.

Episode 09: Our Opponents, Please Pay Attention

Ling Jing Xiao: Who had no imaginary friend in their childhood?

Chen Xiao Xi: So everyone has some fields where he can do well, and he can't do well. Using school grades to frame a person is very...
Jiang Chen: ... one-sided.
Chen Xiao Xi: ... one-sided.
Chen Xiao Xi: So we think the exam results can't decide whether a person is promising or not. What can decide a person's future is the person himself.

Episode 10: And Then There Were None?

Episode 11: Happy Winter

Episode 12: Fireworks for Four

Episode 13: But I Can Tell You Everything

Episode 14: Speech for the Flag-Raising Ceremony

Li Shu: It's very nice of you to try to help others.
Li Shu: But protecting yourself goes before protecting others.

Episode 15: I Want to Be With You

Episode 16: What Kind of Adult Do You Want to Be?

Episode 17: If You Remember

Episode 18: Welcome

Episode 19: Will You Come to Me?

Episode 20: It's Been A Long Time

Episode 21: Rosetta and Philae

Episode 22: Chen Xiaoxi, Did You Hear That?

Episode 23: A Love So Beautiful