31 August 2016

君の名は。 Kimi no Na wa.

Title: 君の名は。 Kimi no Na wa.
English Title:
  • Your Name
  • Your Name Is...
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2016
Cast: (Voice)
  • 神木隆之介 Kamiki Ryūnosuke
  • 上白石萌音 Kamishiraishi Mone
  • 長澤まさみ Nagasawa Masami
  • 市原悦子 Ichihara Etsuko
  • 成田凌 Narita Ryō
  • 悠木碧 Yūki Aoi
  • 島﨑信長 Shimazaki Nobunaga
  • 石川界人 Ishikawa Kaito
  • 谷花音 Tani Kanon

Miyamizu Mitsuha is a quiet high school student in a small town of Itomori, and her mother's family have been the shrine maidens in the area for several generations. She lives with her wise grandmother Miyamizu Hitoha and her precocious younger sister Miyamizu Yotsuha.

Tachibana Taki lives in Tokyo, and he is a happy-go-lucky high school student. He has a part-time job at an Italian restaurant, where he has a crush on his colleague Okudera Miki.

Mitsuha and Taki sometimes can't remember what happened in their daily lives, and people around them always mention how strange they have been at times. It seems that sometimes when they sleep and for some strange reason, Mitsuha and Taki suddenly find their souls in the other person's body.

In order to deal with their extraordinary circumstance, Mitsuha and Taki have taken to leaving each other notes on their phones, in their notebooks, and sometimes on their bodies to let each other know how they spent the time in each other's place.

Kimi no Na wa. is an interesting story about how two individuals change places across time and space. It isn't clear how and why the body swap happens between Miyamizu Mitsuha and Tachibana Taki, it just seems that they are inexplicably connected to each other by a 'red string of fate'.

In a way, the movie talks about how the most profound moments of our lives are sometimes those we can't remember after some time has passed, and how some people who have made such an impact in our lives are those we meet in fleeting encounters.

Kimi no Na wa. has amazing animation. It's such a delight to see every frame, even the ones that only show the streets and the trains and the horizon. Even though I don't particularly love the movie, I'll always look back to it fondly because of the great pictures.

君の名は。 Kimi no Na wa.