12 December 2011

我可能不會愛你 In Time With You Quotes

Title: 我可能不會愛你 Wǒ Kěnéng Bù Huì Ài Nǐ
English Title:
  • I Don't Want to Love You
  • In Time With You

Episode 01

Cheng You Qing: Recently, I randomly had this feeling that there is something that is always against us. Sometimes we really want to chase after it, hoping to catch it as if after attaining it, we can possess many, many things. But at times we may be chased by it to the point of breathlessness, and we hope it would just disappear and that it would be best if it never came back to us. It is time.

Li Da Ren: (Signs of old age:) (1) The more recent the incidents, the easier to forget. However, the older the incidents, the easier to recall. (2) Besides the pillow, next to the computer in the work desk, medicines for easing the mind such as a pile of peppermint sticks, white flower oil, and green oil essence have appeared. (3) When seated, there will be a pooch at the lower part of the stomach. (4) Waking up early in the morning for no particular reason. (5) Laying down on the sofa to watch the drama that airs at 8:00 pm, and falling into a deep slumber after around 30 minutes.

Li Da Ren: Actually in this world, there are many rules of the game... We can't always depend on our parents so at times, we have to think of our own methods. And you won't learn some of the methods if you use force or power instead.

Cheng You Qing: I don't need your blessing, because I am a gift God bestowed upon this world.

Cheng You Qing: As you grow older, you have less sense of humor.

Cheng You Qing: The thing I hate the most is being misunderstood.

Cheng You Qing: He is a very nice person.
Li Da Ren: She has a sense of righteousness.
Cheng You Qing: Sometimes you can't make out the head and tail of what he says.
Li Da Ren: Talking to her can excite your fighting spirit at any time.
Cheng You Qing: It seems like he's not bad at anything, but not the best at anything either.
Li Da Ren: She wants everything to be done perfectly, and she can really do it. At least, at the present moment.

Episode 02

Cheng You Qing: Good manners are actions that should make someone feel comfortable. But if in our hearts, we don't feel comfortable, would that still be called manners?

Huang Ke, also known as Nic: A small change can change your mood.

Actress: I spent a lifetime to learn one thing, possession of something is the beginning of losing it. But in the end, I still couldn't learn, I can't accept... having youth is actually the beginning of losing youth, having a marriage is actually the beginning of losing the marriage...
Cheng You Qing: Why is it that everything I pursue in life, I actually start losing it as soon as I gain possession of it?
Actress: If I never have it, then I won't have anything to lose. Isn't it right?
Li Da Ren: Now do you know the reason why I don't love you?
Cheng You Qing: Because possession...
Li Da Ren: is the beginning of losing.

Cheng You Qing: Actually, as long as you treat each relationship seriously, you will definitely gain something in the end. These gains could be of happy and good memories, or even marriage. Even if the final outcome is separation, we will still gain something eventually, which is having a better understanding of ourselves.

Cheng You Qing: So actually, I'm not really a suitcase waiting to be withdrawn, but a bag that holds many stories.

Cheng You Qing: I'll use my own money to buy my own bag to create my own story.

Episode 03

Cheng You Qing: Did you know that between one person and another there's a lot of conflict and opposition. This is why people are attracted to each other, but can also be the start of a disaster.

Cheng You Qing: Admitting that you're in pain is not a shameful thing to do.

Cheng You Qing: Sometimes, love is just a matter of a moment. If you are wrong about it, it's gone.

Li Da Ren: You have to believe that you are someone who's worthy of family, friends, colleagues, as well as that good man who hasn't shown up yet. You are someone who needs to be treasured well and loved dearly, Chen You Qing.

Episode 04

Cheng You Qing: Friends or enemies, it is all within your own thinking.

Chen You Qing: That was because of love, okay? Aren't we supposed to take a step back for love? We have to compromise, and we have to consider the other person.
Li Da Ren: Wrong. Have you ever thought why would a man love you? It's because he likes who you were originally; your way of doing things, and your attitude towards everything.
Li Da Ren: But, why is it that when women fall in love, they become blind to reason? If not that, it's attaching yourself to love, and losing yourself.

Cheng You Qing: The problem is, what kind of love is the right love?
Li Da Ren: Finding the right person, and then loving that person properly.
Cheng You Qing: The problem is, the right person that you want, what kind of person is that?
Li Da Ren: He is someone who, when you are with him, you can comfortably be yourself.
Cheng You Qing: If that is the case, we can just have friends. Why do we need to be in a relationship?!
Li Da Ren: The problem is our desires. What do we do then? Anyway, you can't make love with a friend.

Cheng You Qing: Why do people always say that it is impossible for a man and a woman to have a platonic relationship?
Li Da Ren: I guess it must be based from their real experiences.

Lin ?, also known as Maggie: Love needs management. Management is having plans and requiring the plans to be implemented.

Cheng You Qing: Our break-ups (with your current boyfriend) doesn't mean we aren't good, or that he wasn't good. It was because we didn't match. Even though we didn't match with him, it doesn't mean you don't match with him.

Zi Lin: It's strange. Why is it after saying good things about him, my heart feels better?
Cheng You Qing: Maybe it's because we finally gave our memories a beautiful color.

Li Da Ren: Then, what are my conditions towards love?

Cheng You Qing: Rely on mountains, they collapse. Rely on people, they run away. It is best to rely on yourself.

Episode 05

Cheng You Qing: Have you ever thought about whom you can entrust your passwords to? And between people, even if we deny it, we still need a 'pass code'?

Cheng You Qing: So something is better than nothing. 'Riding a mule while looking for a horse' is better than walking.

Li Da Ren: Why do you never get along with my girlfriend?
Cheng You Qing: You don't get along with my boyfriend either!
Li Da Ren: That's right.
Cheng You Qing: Probably, it is because we understand each other too well so... I can easily see my best friend's unhappiness.

Cheng You Qing: People always admire what they don't have.

Cheng You Qing: Life isn't perfect, but it doesn't mean that it's not beautiful.
Cheng You Qing: Pay more attention to what's beautiful around you! Otherwise, you'll forever be envious of other people's lives.

Li Da Ren: I am experiencing a horrible game called 'getting to know each other'.

Li Da Ren: You are a book worth reading again and again.

Episode 06

Li Da Ren: Love is not about who is better than who.

Li Da Ren: Love shouldn't just be about meeting the conditions, let alone marriage. If there is no love, it will be very difficult to continue with it.

?: Letting go is not being resigned to it, it doesn't mean to forgive him. It's to 'let you yourself''.

Li Da Ren: Remember, you're not the other choice. You should be the only one.

Episode 07

Cheng You Qing: Lately I've been thinking, how long can I be on display? But then I realized everything has an expiry date.

Cheng Guang Qing: "An able horse will not turn back to eat at the same field".

Li Da Ren: Actually, sometimes love needs a bit of resistance so let nature take its course.
Lin ?, also known as Maggie: Love sometimes need to be shameless, or else, 'heart thumping' would be in vain.

Episode 08

Cheng You Qing: Other than the nonstop 'sorry', what's even more bothersome is after you get back with your ex-boyfriend, it seems as if you have the obligation to explain it to the whole world, 'we're starting over'.

Cheng Mei Qing: How can happiness be guaranteed?

Episode 09

Cheng You Qing: If you don't want people to find out, then you really shouldn't do it.

Episode 10

Episode 11

Episode 12

Cheng You Qing: That is, you often take your desired outcomes and imagine that they have become reality.

Episode 13

Cheng You Qing: Do you ever get the feeling that the happiness of purchasing all the shoes on the rack is far inferior to the joy of finally getting the one pair you've long coveted?

Cheng You Qing: So, ever so gradually, I began to understand that the things I could not have were destined to belong to another. At some as yet undetermined moment, they will certainly meet.

Cheng You Qing: No matter how far people may go, we will always miss home.