20 December 2013

リーガル・ハイ2 Legal High 2 Quotes

Title: リーガル・ハイ2 Rīgaru Hai 2 (Legal High 2)
English Title: Legal High 2

Episode 01: Complete Revival - Komikado Kensuke! The Undefeated Lawyer Confronts Unjust Villains For All His Client's Sake!

Hanyu Haruki: In Saudia Arabia, they have this saying. "Water can be drunk, but doesn't burn; oil burns, but can't be drunk."

Mayuzumi Machiko: Our job is to aim for a proper sentence.
Komikado Kensuke: Wrong. If our client's order is that she's innocent... then we turn black into white. That's our job!

Komikado Kensuke: Our job isn't to pursue the truth. We defend our client.

Episode 02: The Genius Entrepreneur With Misplaced Anger ~ Is 'Muttering' Libel?

Hanyu Haruki: "When you are hot, find shade."

Komikado Kensuke: What a person expresses and what their feelings are may not necessarily be in accord with one another. Even the person themselves may not know their own true feelings.

Episode 03: Looks? The Heart? Which to Choose? The Unprecedented Cosmetic Surgery Case

Komikado Kensuke: Reunion? ... Isn't that just a meeting where you cheer each other over some idealized past, and how now you have no possibilities?

Hanyu Haruki: There's a saying in Saudi Arabia that goes like this, "After a sandstorm, the night air is cleared."

Komikado Kensuke: The truth is, everyone discriminates against those who are ugly... In a company interview, even if their abilities are equal, the good-looking person will be hired. Even if their abilities are slightly less, no, even if their abilities were considerably inferior, the beautiful person stands a higher likelihood of being hired!

Honda Jane: Just because the parents don't have attractive looks doesn't necessarily mean the child won't have them... Even when both parents are beautiful, I know of several cases of couples who have had children born to them that, I'm sorry to say, unexpectedly turned out to have bad luck at that.
Komikado Kensuke: I also happen to know of a number of such cases. However, when both parents are ugly, do you know of even one case where the child born to them was super-beautiful? Even when both parents are beautiful, the probability of a beautiful child being born to them is not high at all. To say nothing of when both parents are ugly, the probability of a beautiful child being born is basically zero!

Isogai Kunimitsu: There's that story about The Ugly Duckling, isn't there? Although it was ugly when born, when it grew up, it became beautiful by a miracle!
Komikado Kensuke: The original parents of the ugly duckling were swans. After all, it's originally a children's story about how you can't go against the heredity of your parents!

Komikado Kensuke: Whatever the basis a person has for liking someone, there is nothing superior or inferior to a person's personal freedom in their choice.

Kumai Honoka: "It's not a person's appearance that counts. It's what's inside that's important." We're raised being told that all the time, but I think it's a lie. All of us judge by appearances.

Komikado Kensuke: What point is there in making things obscure?! Saying pretty words to each other and forgiving one another won't change the reality one little bit.

Kumai Honoka: Even if I was born ugly, I should have loved my own face. But if I couldn't love it, then no one else around me could love it either. I couldn't help it! I couldn't help it, that's the world we're in.

Mayuzumi Machiko: Besides, what is happiness (to them) may not be something that we can decide it should be. That's up to those two.

Kumai Honoka: Kengo, thanks to you, I've snapped out of it. I was convinced that people who were ugly were beautiful in their hearts. I was judging by appearances, too. There are people who have both ugly faces and hearts, and people who have both beautiful faces and hearts. The one who taught me that was you. Thank you.

Episode 04: The Neighbor Relationship with a Taste of Honey?! The Neighbor Trial of Swirling Jealousy

Hanyu Haruki: "The scorpion doesn't sting unless stepped on."

Episode 05: hose Rights? The Useless Employee's Character Design Trial!

Hanyu Haruki: "When you lose your way in the desert, you can't get back without retracing your footsteps."

Episode 06: Bigamy or a New Form of Love? Wife Accused of Having Three Husbands

Ando Kiwa: It's not that you can't decide. You just keep running away from having to make the decision.

Hanyu Haruki: "You won't know whether oil will flow or not until you dig for it."

? Aiko: There are times when you can't answer with just a 'yes' or a 'no'.

Ando Kiwa: Even if we're afraid, the time comes when we have to resolve ourselves and decide to go out.

Ando Kiwa: We must change. You can't gain something without throwing something away.

Episode 07: Tyrant or Genius?! Global Anime Director's Power Harassment Trial

Hanyu Haruki: "If you want to arrive at your destination, use only the best camels."

Episode 08: Protect the World-class Natural Heritage!! The Surprising Truth of the Inhabitant's Lawsuit

Hanyu Haruki: "If the camel won't walk, you must use the whip."

Episode 09: The Supreme Court at Last! The Entire Nation is the Enemy, but Save Her Life No Matter What!

Komikado Kensuke: People see what they want to see, hear what they want to hear, and will believe whatever they want to believe.

Hanyu Haruki: "It may appear the man riding the camel is the one steering it but actually it's the camel that's leading the man."

Episode 10: The Seesaw Final Courtroom! Tenaciously Save the Client! Is Truth a Tragedy or Comedy!?

Komikado Kensuke: We should clarify what the truth is, shouldn't we? All of this is what you took part in, isn't it?
Mayuzumi Machiko: Well... that's true but it is also important to protect the client.
Komikado Kensuke: Then what should we do? Are you saying you have another method?
Mayuzumi Machiko: We'll have Kiwa (our client) acquitted and we will save Satsuki (the other party involved) as well.
Komikado Kensuke: And how can we do that?
Mayuzumi Machiko: When it comes to this, we have no choice.
Komikado Kensuke: What's that?
Mayuzumi Machiko: We make up a new truth.
Komikado Kensuke: Correct answer.

Hanyu Haruki: Where am I mistaken?
Komikado Kensuke: It's in thinking that you aren't wrong!

Mayuzumi Machiko: In the end, I have no idea what the truth was!
Komikado Kensuke: What about it?
Mayuzumi Machiko: What about the truth?!

Hanyu Haruki: In Saudi Arabia, there's a proverb that goes like this, "However much you may journey, there are some treasures that are just unobtainable."