12 December 2011

我可能不會愛你 In Time With You

Title: 我可能不會愛你 Wǒ Kěnéng Bù Huì Ài Nǐ
English Title:
  • I Don't Want To Love You
  • In Time With You
Country: Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Episode: 13
  • 林依晨 Lín Yī Chén (Ariel Lin)
  • 陳柏霖 Chén Bǎi Lín (Bolin Chen)
  • 陳匡怡 Chén Kuāng Yí (Andrea Chen)
  • 王陽明 Wáng Yáng Míng (Sunny Wang)
  • 孟耿如 Mèng Gěng Rú (Summer Meng) (Teresa Meng)
  • 余函彌 Yú Hán Mí (Bonnie Yu)
  • 許豪恩 Xǔ Háo Ēn (David Hsu)
  • 李維維 Li Lǐ Wéi Wéi (Vivi Lee)
  • 劉以豪 Liú Yǐ Háo

韋禮安 Wéi Lǐ Ān - 還是會 Hái Shì Huì (Still Am)
Cheng You Qing received an email about the early signs of old age from her long-time best friend Li Da Ren on her 30th birthday. Worried about still being single at her age and reluctantly resigned about growing old, You Qing doesn't really know what to look forward to in the future.

When she met Da Ren for a celebratory dinner later that night, he made a bet with her that whoever gets married first, the other person will give a wedding gift of NT$100,000.

林依晨 Lín Yī Chén - 翅膀 Chì Bǎng (Wings)
In Time With You appealed to me because of its fascinating heroine Cheng You Qing, who is really the representative of the modern woman: she is ambitious and successful in her professional life; she is satisfied with everything she has, but she also wants for things she doesn't have; and she's worried about many things, sometimes even things she can't control such as time and growing old.

I like how creative the writing of the drama is, with signs of old age serving as the opening theme for each episode, and with charms of a mature and sophisticated woman serving as the ending theme for each episode.

Signs of Old Age:
  • Forgetting things that happened recently more easily, but remembering things of the past more clearly.
  • People call you so-and-so Jie (older sister) and so-and-so Ge (older brother), and you want to tell them to 'shut up!'.
  • The divorces of their friends start exceeding that of their marriages.
  • You don't want to change the habits you're already used to.
  • You feel like you're drowning in a pile of passwords.
  • Always putting important things in important places, and then forget that important place.
  • You start caring about a product's ingredients, manufacturing company, as well as it's expiration date.
  • The reason for not bothering to make new friends is because it's a bother to explain one's life from the beginning.
  • Finally understand that God is really busy.
  • Your fighting spirit arises while dealing with a group of swindlers.
  • Previously you can sing karaoke until the sun comes up. Now, after staying up one night, you are tired for a week.
  • If you don't mutter to yourself, the brain will tie itself up in knots.
  • Becoming suspicious of perfection, and having unshakable faith in imperfection.

It's interesting how the specific signs of old age set up the plot for the episodes. However, I wonder what people are supposed to do if they know the signs of old age; are they supposed to know these things so they can prevent the onset of old age or are they supposed to know so they can prepare for it?

Charms of A Mature and Sophisticated Woman:
  • Finally learning to throw a wicked and beautiful punch as we tread on beautifully in our high-heeled shoes.
  • I'll use my own money to buy my own bag to create my own story.
  • Have a friend who will grieve for you for your broken heart.
  • Laughter can overcome your enemies and yourself.
  • Don't be other people's bookmark, but a book worth reading again and again.
  • The thing that makes you shine, is not a diamond, but your eyes after you cried.
  • With your basics (knowledge and skills), no matter where, you can bloom again.
  • Drink plenty of water; purify your life, purify your love, purify the concealed truth.
  • Tell yourself bravely, 'this is not mine!'
  • No one can ever determine the length of your hair.
  • There will always be a new generation of 'Sailor Moon' that you can look up to.
  • Have at least two passbooks: one to save for wealth, and one to save for an old friend.
  • Have a job that you love, have a home that you cherish, and him (the one).

I like how the charms of a mature and sophisticated woman serve as the lessons You Qing learned through her own experiences. Although I agree that all are indeed charming traits, I don't think you need to be at least 30 years old to realize some of it; for instance, that your hair is your own possession, and you're the only one who can determine its length and its style.

I think In Time With You is one of the best productions that discusses the 'friends to lovers' theme. The development of the relationship between You Qing and Li Da Ren from best friends to lovers is very realistically presented, with both of them concerned that becoming involved with each other romantically may jeopardize their precious friendship.

However, I'm a little displeased that the drama completely focused on reiterating that best friends of opposite genders are fated lovers, from the lead characters to the side characters. I think it's a pretty narrow-minded view that men and women can't be just friends, and I think that while some close friends are destined to be lovers, some good friends are actually meant to be just friends and see each other as such and nothing else.

我可能不會愛你 In Time With You
我可能不會愛你 In Time With You