20 April 2010

のだめカンタービレ 最終楽章 後編 Nodame Cantabile Saishū Gakushō - Kōhen

Title: のだめカンタービレ 最終楽章 後編 Nodame Kantābire (Nodame Cantabile) Saishū Gakushō - Kōhen
English Title: Nodame Cantabile: The Final Score (Part 2)
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2010
  • 上野樹里 Uneo Juri
  • 玉木宏 Tamaki Hiroshi
  • 福士誠治 Fukushi Seiji
  • ウエンツ瑛士 Wentz Eiji
  • ベッキー Becky
  • 瑛太 Eita
  • 小出恵介 Koide Kesuke
  • 水川あさみ Mizukawa Asami
  • 竹中直人 Takenaka Naoto
  • 吉瀬美智子 Kichise Michiko
  • 山田優 Yamada Yu

Noda Megumi, better known as Nodame, is still infatuated with Chiaki Shinichi but he wants both of them to concentrate on their musical careers so he distances himself from Nodame.

Kiyora Miki's final exam will be held in Paris, France. Her boyfriend Mine Ryutaro tells her he can't go to support her in person because of financial difficulties but his father gives him money so he can go. Mine and Okuyama Masami go to Paris to watch Miki perform in her final exam.

Nodame finds a song that she wants to perform with Shinichi. Unfortunately, Chiaki is already performing the exact same song with famous pianist Son Rui.

I like Nodame Cantabile because it's a way to educate people about classical music and a way to encourage people to appreciate orchestra. I don't know a lot about classical music but I really like the movie's soundtrack.

Yasunori Kuroki and Tanya Vishnyova did not have as much screen time as I hoped in this production but I'm fine with it because Kiyora Miki and Mine Ryutaro, two of my favorite characters, are back!

のだめカンタービレ Nodame Cantabile
のだめカンタービレ in ヨーロッパ Nodame Cantabile in Europe
のだめカンタービレ 最終楽章 前編 Nodame Cantabile Saishū Gakushō - Zenpen

のだめカンタービレ 最終楽章 後編 Nodame Kantābire Saishū Gakushō - Kōhen