20 December 2014

하이스쿨 - 러브온 High School - Love On

Title: 하이스쿨 - 러브온 Haiseukool - Reobeuon
English Title:
  • Hi! School - Love On
  • High School - Love On
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Year: 2014
Episode: 20
  • 김새론 Kim Sae Ron
  • 남우현 Nam Woo Hyun
  • 이성열 Lee Sung Yeol
  • 신현탁 Shin Hyun Tak
  • 김민영 Kim Min Young
  • 나해령 Na Hae Ryung (해령 Hae Ryung)
  • 김수연 Kim Soo Yeon
  • 김영재 Kim Young Jae
  • 백승헌 Baek Seung Hoon
  • 김민석 Kim Min Seok
  • 최수린 Choi Soo Rin
  • 정재순 Jung Jae Soon
  • 조연우 Jo Yun Woo
  • 김광식 Kim Kwang Sik
  • 최성국 Choi Sung Gook
  •  이창주 Lee Chang Joo

An angel who guides people that recently died is curious about humans, and she loves watching dramas because she thinks the dramas have some answers to her questions.

She runs into a human being, and although similar encounters are generally not an issue because angels and humans are in different dimensions, it was different when she ran into Shin Woo Hyun.

Woo Hyun is 18 years old and in his second year in high school. He lives with his grandmother, and he spends all of his free time helping out at their family restaurant.

As the angel is working on an assignment, Woo Hyun interferes and saves the person that was supposed to die. The angel's black note malfunctions, showing one person or the other person as the one who will die, and she gets confused on how to deal with her job.

Woo Hyun loses his footing though and falls directly on top of the angel. The angel stops him from falling using her powers, and they both lose consciousness.

When the angel comes to her senses, she's confused why Woo Hyun can see her and even talks to her. The angel panics when she finds out that she has lost her black note, and it seems that she has actually become a human being.

High School - Love On is a drama with fantastical aspects grounded by an engaging lead character in the angel of death who adopted the name Lee Seul Bi when she later became human.

Angel, also known as Lee Seul Bi: I'm curious of what it means to be happy, what it means to be hurt, and what what it means to love.
Angel, also known as Lee Seul Bi: Why do humans love although they know it'll eventually end? Why do they live although they know they'll eventually die?
-- E01 운명? 거부할 수 없는 날벼락! (Destiny? Irresistible Trouble!)

Although I had slight misgivings, I checked out the first few episodes because renowned actress Kim Sae Ron is part of the cast. She's such a charming actress but very limited in her portrayal of Lee Seul Bi, which is I suppose to be expected considering her young age.

Although the supporting actors are all very green, I liked the ensemble cast so I kept watching the drama until the end. I'm particularly interested in actor Baek Seung Heon who played the character Yang Tae Ho.

High School - Love On was passably entertaining, but I don't think it knew what it wanted to be; it was sometimes light as could be, then it goes quite dark and dramatic in the next instant.  It would have been acceptable if the shift in tone is done seamlessly, but the changes are quite jarring that I sometimes wonder if I am still watching the same drama several times when watching an episode.

하이스쿨 - 러브온 High School - Love On