15 September 2016

家売るオンナ Ie Uru Onna Quotes

Title: 家売るオンナ Ie Uru Onna
English Title:
  • House-Selling Woman
  • Your Home is My Business

Episode 01

Fuse Makoto: It's said a homely face in your previous life will get you a beautiful face in this life. You flip between a homely face and a beautiful face in each life.

Yashiro Dai: What's wrong is you waiting around while the clients take forever to make a decision.

Sangenya Machi: Real estate agents don't look at maps. They utilize back roads no one knows about rather than the main streets. Clients think those who know a lot about the back roads of a city must know a lot of properties, and so they trust that real estate agent. I think they trust what that person says.

Hijikata Yayoi: Coming and attacking a person's weaknesses... just what sort of person are you?
Sangenya Machi: I am a real estate agent.

Sangenya Machi: These children who are only just born will all go on living from today while confronting their deaths. Because once a person is born, they will die someday... No one can escape from that.
Sangenya Machi: And because everyone dies, for those who are alive right now, they must become strong people who overcome their feelings for those who have died. Just because you are a child, you must not behave like a baby! Since even if you cry, it will not bring back the dead! But by continuing to live on, we will not suffer a defeat to death.

Sangenya Machi: There's no point in getting an appointment for a property tour unless you get a sale out of it.

Sangenya Machi: Why didn't you advise her to immediately go after the next property?
Yashiro Dai: Because she was crying.
Sangenya Machi: Does crying sell houses?

Episode 02

Yashiro Dai: If their current house is likely to sell for JPY50 million, the trick is to suggest a much more expensive property.

Sangenya Machi: I have no intention of educating anyone in anything.

Sangenya Machi: The only unpleasant thing for me is when an irresponsible individual comes into my view. Once that unpleasant thing has been removed, the unpleasantness disappears. That is all.

Sangenya Machi: You only see one side of things... I want you to go back there once more and take a good look at that property.

Adachi Satoshi: Photos used for property listings are pretty much the same as the ones done for omiai, because people decide whether they want to see it or not based off of it. So you should take the very best photos of properties with all your heart.

Episode 03

Sangenya Machi: Don't say unnecessary things.

Episode 04

Sangenya Machi: I am a real estate agent. It is only natural I would recognize the faces of people whose total assets place them in the highest ranks.

Episode 05

Yashiro Dai: When that's all you can do, that's what you do.

Sangenya Machi: But first in line goes first.

Episode 06

Adachi Satoshi: Thinking about unnecessary things is just arrogance!

Sangenya Machi: The crucial moment for a real estate agent is the weekends. Those of you who do not show some results this weekend are not real estate agents.

Episode 07

Sangenya Machi: Set yourself free.

Episode 08

Sangenya Machi: As they go through the years living together, they will be a family.

Episode 09

Sangenya Machi: I try to forget such trivial things as that.

Sangenya Machi: People will come together if they have a common enemy.

Episode 10

Sangenya Machi: Working hard is part of your job! Achieve results!

Sangenya Machi: Though you do not know if you can do it, you will not even try.

Fuse Makoto: A man doesn't make a show of each and every effort he makes.

Sangenya Machi: Most things in this world can be resolved with money. However, standing cannot be done without your own will.