18 December 2012

Gossip Girl Quotes

Title: Gossip Girl

Season 01
Gossip Girl: There's plenty of upside to being the spawn of the fabulously wealthy. But the downside? Super successful parents expect nothing less from their offspring. And when it comes to college, that means the Ivys. It's more than just getting into college, it's setting a course for the rest of your life. And for those few who aren't legacies, the pressures are no less. When parents have sacrificed for their children’s futures, what kid would want to let them down?
-- S01E03 Poison Ivy

Charles 'Chuck' Bass: That dream of yours, what is it really? Because I hear you talk about how you don't want to go to Dartmouth, and how you don't want to follow in your father's footsteps, but what exactly do you want?
Nathaniel 'Nate' Archibald: All I know is it's not this.
Charles 'Chuck' Bass: Well, you better discover what it is before you throw everything away trying to find it.
-- S01E04 Bad News Blair

Gossip Girl: The rules for a model the day of a photo shoot are similar to those of a patient pre-surgery: no food or drink twelve hours prior, wear comfortable clothing, and make sure your affairs are in order. You never know what could go wrong in a flash.
-- S01E04 Bad News Blair

Gossip Girl: Spotted: Lonely Boy's rude awakening: Upper East Side Queens aren't born at the top. They climb their way up in heels, no matter who they have to tread on to do it.
-- S01E04 Bad News Blair

Gossip Girl: Everyone knows you can't choose your family but you can choose you friends. And in a world ruled by bloodlines and bank accounts, it pays to have a pal. As much as a BFF can make you go WTF, there's no denying we'd all be a little less rich without them. And Serena and Blair? They do best friends better than anyone.
-- S01E04 Bad News Blair

Gossip Girl: What was it we say about appearances? Yes, they can be deceiving, but most of the time, what you see is what you get.
-- S01E06 The Handmaiden's Tale

Gossip Girl: Spotted: Nate Archibald learning you don't know a good thing 'til it's gone, and found someone else.
-- S01E10 Hi, Society

Gossip Girl: It's often said that, no matter the truth, people see what they want to see. Some people might take a step back and find out they were looking at the same big picture all along. Some people might see that their lies have almost caught up to them. Some people may see what was there all along. And then there are those other people; the ones that run as far as they can so they don't have to look at themselves.
-- S01E10 Hi, Society

Gossip Girl: There's a weak link in every chain. And it's just a matter of time before this one snaps.
-- S01E12 School Lies

Gossip Girl: Sometimes, in an effort to spread the most outrageous rumors, we look over the very thing that's even more scandalous -- the truth. And the only thing more shocking than the truth are the lies people tell to cover it up.
-- S01E16 All About My Brother

Gossip Girl: You know, it's kind of funny, how you can find meaning from things you wouldn't think to look at. Like on a TV show; the truth always comes out, it's one of the fundamental rules of time. And when it comes out, it can set you free, or end everything you've fought so hard for. Another way the truth comes out is when you don't even mean it to, or when, without saying a word, it's still heard loud and clear. But the worst thing the truth can do is when you finally tell it, it doesn't set you free, but locks you away forever.
-- S01E16 All About My Brother

Gossip Girl: Watch out, S. Just because you finally tell the truth doesn't mean there won't be consequences.
-- S01E17 Woman on the Verge

Gossip Girl: They say a leopard can't change his spots. But some things do change. The path not taken can become a road trip. Being grounded can lead to something groundbreaking.
-- S01E18 Much 'I Do' About Nothing

Season 02

Gossip Girl: In these last hazy days of summer, a few simple tips to beat the heat: one, drink plenty of fluids; two, stay out of the sun; three, limit all physical activity, that is, within reason. And if the heat's still too much, there's always a cold shower.
-- S02E03 The Dark Knight

Daniel 'Dan' Humphrey: I just, I thought a writer was supposed to write what he knows. This is what I know.
Noah Shapiro: Then learn something new. Get out of your comfort zone. A cardinal rule of writing: if your work's too safe then do something dangerous.
Daniel 'Dan' Humphrey: I wouldn't know where to begin.
Noah Shapiro: Then find someone who does know.
-- S02E05 The Serena Also Rises

Gossip Girl: If there's one thing I learned is that there would be no gossip without secrets. You might be brave enough to reveal your secret only to have it used against you, or someone else's secret might affect you in unexpected ways. There are some secrets you're only too happy to keep; others surface, only to be buried away deeper than they were before. But the most powerful secrets are the truths you thought you could never reveal but once spoken, change everything.
-- S02E05 The Serena Also Rises

Gossip Girl: When it comes to war, the rule is: never retreat, never surrender.
-- S02E06 New Haven Can Wait

Gossip Girl: Dreams; everybody has them. Some good. Some bad. Some you wish you could forget. Sometimes you realize you've outgrown them. Sometimes you feel like they're finally coming true. And some of us just have nightmares. But no matter what the dream, when morning comes, reality intrudes and the dream begins to slip away.
-- S02E06 New Haven Can Wait

Gossip Girl: Just like the seasons, people have the ability to change. It doesn't happen very often but when it does, it's almost always right. Sometimes it takes what's broken becoming whole again. Sometimes it takes opening up to new people and letting them in. But most times it takes just one person who is truly afraid to show what they feel getting an opportunity they never thought possible.
-- S02E07 Chuck in Real Life

Gossip Girl: As the end of another holiday draws near, I'd like to take a moment to list all the things I'm thankful for. I'm thankful that no matter how dark things might get, old friendships can still be rekindled. I'm thankful for new relationships that help us realize how far we've come from who we are, and how close we get when we can really be ourselves. I'm thankful that no matter what they say, you can go home again; whether it's your home or not.
-- S02E11 The Magnificent Archibalds

Gossip Girl: One thing about being on the top of the world... it gives you a long, long way to fall.
-- S02E14 In the Realm of the Basses

Gossip Girl: The New Year isn't about what's happened. It's about what's to come. But the past is always with us. Just waiting to mess with the present.
-- S02E14 In the Realm of the Basses

Gossip Girl: The problem with inheritance is that it's not always as simple as it sounds. Sometimes you get more than you bargained for, or you discover that in gaining one thing, you've lost something else. But every once in awhile, the fates smile upon you, and you get the one thing you really need.
-- S02E15 Gone with the Will

Serena van der Woodsen: I know that look. You're up to no good.
Blair Waldorf: Good is subjective. Look it up.
-- S02E16 You've Got Yale!

Gossip Girl: The thing about new beginnings is that they require something else to end. Some endings take a long time to reveal themselves, but when they do they're almost too easy to ignore. Some beginnings start so quietly you don't even notice they're happening. But most endings come when you least expect them, and what they portend is darker than you've ever imagined. Not all beginnings are cause for celebration. A lot of bad things begin: fights, flu season, and the worst thing all...
-- S02E16 You've Got Yale!

Blair Waldorf: When the truth fails you, you have no choice but to abandon it... Make something up, idiots!
-- S02E17 Carnal Knowledge

Blair Waldorf: Ladies. You can give your tiny brains a rest. Once again the world has proved anything you can do, I can do better.
-- S02E17 Carnal Knowledge

Gossip Girl: They say every action has an equal and opposite reaction. And once something is set in motion, it can't help but build momentum. One thing is certain on the Upper East Side: what goes around comes around.
-- S02E17 Carnal Knowledge

Gossip Girl: Shakespeare says, "All's well that ends well". And sometimes, it just ends. In life, as in art, some endings are bittersweet, especially when it comes to love. Sometimes fate throws two lovers together only to rip them apart. Sometimes the hero finally makes the right choice but the timing is all wrong. And, as they say, timing is everything.
-- S02E18 The Age of Dissonance

Gossip Girl: Mistakes; we all make them. They usually start with the best of intentions; like keeping a secret to protect someone, or getting some distance from the person you've become. Sometimes we don't even know what mistakes we've made to get us where we are, or we figure it out just in time to make it right again. But every mistake happens for a reason; to teach you a lesson you would otherwise never learn, and hopefully, you never make that mistake again.
-- S02E20 The Remains of the J

Season 03

Gossip Girl: Growing up means one thing: independence. We all want it. Sometimes we use other people to try and get it for ourselves. Sometimes we find it in each other. Sometimes our independence comes at the cost of something else, and our cost can be high because more often than not, in order to gain our independence we have to fight.
-- S03E01 Reversals of Fortune

Gossip Girl: If you ask me, we go to the movies because we want to see fairy tales. A sleeping queen woken by her true love's kiss. A princess who puts aside her jewels to make her way in the world. Lovers torn apart being brought back together. But life isn't a fairy tale, and happy endings are few and far between. In life ,the young queen becomes a tyrant, and takes her subjects to war. So that's why we need movies; to remind us that, despite it all, love can still spring in the most unlikely of places, and that sometimes, even fairy tales can come true.
-- S03E04 Dan de Fleurette

Gossip Girl: When it comes to family we're all still children at heart. No matter how old we get, we always need a place to call home because without the people you love most, you can't help but feel all alone in the world... Fortunately, misery loves company. Well, for now, at least.
-- S03E06 Enough About Eve

Gossip Girl: Sometimes it's hard to see the lines we've drawn until we cross them. That's when we rely on the ones we love to pull us back, and give us something to hold on to. Then there are the clearly marked lines; the ones that if you dare cross you may never find your way back.
-- S03E08 The Grandfather, Part II

Gossip Girl: As a famed literary liar once told Oprah, memory is subjective. Memories can be embellished, or denied. But as James Frey knows all too well, the truth always comes out.
-- S03E10 The Last Days of Disco Stick

Gossip Girl: Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. And what am I most thankful for? The truth. Sometimes it's the truth you've been trying not to face, or the truth that will change your life. Sometimes it's the truth that's a long time coming, or the truth you prayed would never see the light of day. Some truths may not be heard the way we hoped they would, but they linger long after they've been said. But the kind of truth I'm most thankful for? The one you never see coming that falls right into your lap.
-- S03E11 The Treasure of Serena Madre

Gossip Girl: Sometimes reality comes crashing into us. Other times it dawns on us slowly, despite our best efforts to ignore it.
-- S03E12 The Debarted

Gossip Girl: We make our own fortunes, and then call them fate. And what better excuse to choose a path than to insist it's our destiny?! But at the end of the day, we all have to live with our choices, no matter who's looking over our shoulder.
-- S03E12 The Debarted

Gossip Girl: "It was the best of times. It was the worst of times." Seems Dickens knew something about life on the Upper East Side where the only thing you can count on is that time changes everything.
-- S03E13 The Hurt Locket

Gossip Girl: Sometimes, despite the risk, the only thing to do is seize the moment, or whatever else you can grab.
-- S03E13 The Hurt Locket

Gossip Girl: If you are what you wear, you better dress the part you want... And always remember, appearances can be deceiving, but whatever you wear, always dress to kill.
-- S03E16 The Empire Strikes Jack

Gossip Girl: Every war has its weapons. But on the Upper East Side the rules of battle are simple: there are no rules.
-- S03E17 Inglorious Bassterds

Gossip Girl: To revive a struggling relationship, there comes a point when we must stop protecting what we have to allow for what we truly need. Moving forward can mean reaching out, reaching back, reaching balance. And while new journeys can start with a single step; they can end just as quickly with a single misstep.
-- S03E19 Dr. Estrangeloved

Gossip Girl: You reap what you sow. What goes around comes around. No matter how far you run, you can never truly escape. Everything catches up to you in the end, and when it does, it usually kicks your ass.
-- S03E22 Last Tango, Then Paris

Gossip Girl: And all in an instant, everything changes. We leave the past behind and speed toward the unknown. Our future. We set out for far away places and try to find ourselves, or try to lose ourselves.
-- S03E22 Last Tango, Then Paris

Season 04

Gossip Girl: Friends or lovers, moving in is risky business. Any time the rules change, you don't know how they'll change you. We take the risk because the payoff can be so great. But the truth is, we never truly know who we're living with, or the company they keep.
-- S04E03 The Undergraduates

Gossip Girl: Buddha once said "It's better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles." But other soldiers just can't give up the fight, and go underground to plan the next war. But it's the true warrior who knows that wars don't end. They simply change. And there can never be peace as long as guns are still loaded and there's plenty of ammunition.
-- S04E07 War at the Roses

Gossip Girl: Sometimes in life we hit a crossroads, and are forced to choose which path we want to take. And there's no way of knowing if our journey will lead us to pleasure or pain. Once we've made our choice, there's no turning back.
-- S04E08 Juliet Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Gossip Girl: During the holidays we call customary patterns of behavior 'tradition'. And like any pattern, once established they are not easily broken. Sometimes we convince ourselves we can start new traditions; only to realize it wouldn't be a tradition if it changed. Other times even things we never realized were traditions can become one. But the best kinds of traditions are the ones that bring people together, even under the most unlikely of circumstances.
-- S04E10 Gaslit

Lily Rhodes Humphrey: Eric, somewhere in between a Marlins jersey and absolute truth lies the better part of decorum. Becoming an adult means learning that.
-- S04E11 While You Weren't Sleeping

Blair Waldorf: Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It's movement, design and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are and who we'd like to be.
-- S04E13 Damien Darko

Gossip Girl: They say the universe has a great sense of humor. That sometimes having your dreams come true can feel like a nightmare; because getting what you want always come with strings attached, and even when you think you're finally in the clear, you're never home free. Every happy ending is just a new beginning. Because on the Upper East Side, the good times never lasts forever.
-- S04E14 Panic Roommate

Gossip Girl: Mick, Keith and their questionably-costumed cohorts said, "You can’t always get what you want." But that doesn't mean it’s okay for anyone else to have it either.
-- S04E16 While You Weren't Sleeping

Gossip Girl: When you do finally get what you want, the problem is there's always someone that's trying to take it away. And all that wanting makes us blind to the fact that things aren't exactly what we think they are. Maybe it's better sometimes to just get what you need.
-- S04E16 While You Weren't Sleeping

Gossip Girl: The question of whether we can fight fate will always remain a mystery. But the bigger question is what happens when we stop fighting it.
-- S04E17 Empire of the Son

Gossip Girl: Walking down the primrose path, you risk finding hell instead of happily ever after. As with any journey, who you travel with can be more important than your destination. You never know who you'll encounter along the way. Who knows, maybe fairy tales come true after all.
-- S04E18 The Kids Stay in the Picture

Gossip Girl: You can never really know someone until you walk a mile in their shoes. At first it might not seem like the most natural fit, but walk around in those shoes long enough and you'll discover you just might like it. Just don't get too comfortable kids, because you never know when the other shoe is going to drop.
-- S04E19 Petty in Pink

Gossip Girl: Watch out, S. We find what we look for. But never where we expect.
-- S04E22 The Wrong Goodbye

Gossip Girl: Transitions in life are usually marked by major events: birthdays, graduations, weddings. But the greater transitions often come out of smaller moments. When we stop and look at where we are. Because each time we see how far we've come, we also see how far we still have to go.
-- S04E22 The Wrong Goodbye

Season 05

Gossip Girl: Often all it takes to find a new path is to make a sharp turn and see what you find. But beware; sometimes what you're faced with is a dead end.
-- S05E01 Yes, Then Zero

Gossip Girl: ... Yet all this talk about expecting has got me thinking about expectations. The thing about expectations is most of the time, someone else sets them for you, yet you feel like they've been there all along, and you can't wait to live up to them. But just because you know what's expected of you doesn't mean you still can't surprise everyone. Nothing stays hidden for long, and you often find what you least expect is right in front of you, waiting to change everything forever, whether you want to or not.
-- S05E01 Yes, Then Zero

Gossip Girl: They say misery loves company, but sometimes it's the company that makes you miserable. But nothing's worse than company that overstays their welcome. Good luck, B. Have fun being the hostess with the mostest.
-- S05E02 Beauty and the Feast

Gossip Girl: How well do any of us really know each other? Even families have their secrets. They say blood is thicker than water, but it's also a lot harder to clean up when it spills. Maybe it's not blood bonds that make us a family. Perhaps it's the people that know us and love us anyway, so we can finally be ourselves.
-- S05E02 Beauty and the Feast

Gossip Girl: They say the only way to conquer your fear is face what you fear the most. You must walk into the belly of the beast, and risk the possibility of failure. But try to hide from your fear, and you risk it swallowing you whole.
-- S05E03 The Jewel of Denial

Gossip Girl: Face your fears and the rewards can be profound. You can discover the true depth of a relationship, or what you're capable of withstanding. The problem is, the more you gain, the more you stand to lose. Get ready to find out what you're made of, because to survive on the Upper East Side, you better be fearless.
-- S05E03 The Jewel of Denial

Gossip Girl: In literature, there are thousands of endings. Some happy, some sad, some end with a twist. Some stories open the door for something more. And then there are fairy tale endings where the girl gets her prince. And endings that turn you introspective about your own life and your place in the world. And then there's the ending that you saw coming a mile away, and yet somehow still takes you by surprise.
-- S05E04 Memoirs of an Invisible Dan

Gossip Girl: On the Upper East Side, it's not what you say that determines who you are; it's what you do.
-- S05E05 The Fasting and the Furious

Gossip Girl: That's the thing about writing what you know. Soon everybody else knows it too.
-- S05E05 The Fasting and the Furious

Eleanor Waldorf: These things happen when they happen. That's the first lesson of being a parent: Children don't do what you want them to do all the time, when you want them to do it. But you love them anyway.
-- S05E05 The Fasting and the Furious

Gossip Girl: They say the road of life is long and winding, so it's important to mark the milestones along the way... But keep your eyes on the road, Upper East Siders, or you could get lost along the way.
-- S05E06 I Am Number Nine

Gossip Girl: Everybody knows the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
-- S05E06 I Am Number Nine

Gossip Girl: They say every road comes to an end, but sometimes the end feels just like the beginning. Even when you think you've come a long way, you can suddenly find yourself right back where you started because every journey is fraught with twists and turns. And one false step could spell disaster. But no matter what, you still have to stay the course and forge your own path because there's no going back now.
-- S05E06 I Am Number Nine

Gossip Girl: All masks eventually have to come off, and with them so do the gloves.
-- S05E07 The Big Sleep No More

Gossip Girl: We all wear different masks for different reasons. Some masks we put on because it's truly who we want to be. Some we wear because we can't bear to face what's really underneath, or because it's what someone else needs us to be. And some masks we wear because we hope to stay hidden. But that's the problem with wearing masks; they can be ripped off at any moment.
-- S05E07 The Big Sleep No More

Gossip Girl: Camus said that life is the sum of our choices. Choose wisely and fortune smiles upon you. But choose poorly? You never know what price you'll have to pay. We all like to think that we're in the driver's seat of our own lives. But the truth is, the idea that we can control our fate is an illusion. You can choose the most loyal friends, the dream job, the truest love. But at the end of the day, our fate is decided for us. All we can do is hope we have the strength to cope with the hand she deals us.
-- S05E10 Riding in Town Cars with Boys

Gossip Girl: Every once in a while a life-changing event will arrive with fanfare and excitement. In my experience, most turning points in our lives don't announce themselves. If anything, they tend to creep up quietly when we're least expecting them, and force us to make a decision that isn't so easy.
-- S05E19 It Girl, Interrupted

Gossip Girl: Sometimes we fight for something only to discover that by the time we get it, our goals have changed. For some, it's too late. The lines have been drawn, and the damage has been done. But other times you get the thing you always wanted, only to find out it isn't what you really need.
-- S05E19 It Girl, Interrupted

Gossip Girl: They say in life there are two sides to every story. But on the Upper East, we always have three. There's his, hers -- but the most important is always mine.
-- S05E22 Raiders of the Lost Art

Gossip Girl: Who doesn't love a road trip?! Just watch your blind side, kiddies, or you'll wind up blindsided.
-- S05E22 Raiders of the Lost Art

Gossip Girl: Sometimes looking for answers only leads to more questions, and sometimes you're better off not knowing. But the best way to avoid giving an answer is to avoid the question all together.
-- S05E23 The Fugitives

Gossip Girl: They say the truth will set you free, but some truth comes at a price.
-- S05E23 The Fugitives

Gossip Girl: When you care about someone, you want them to stay. But sometimes, showing you care means letting them go.
-- S05E23 The Fugitives

Gossip Girl: That's the problem with hired help; they'll work for anyone.
-- S05E24 The Return of the Ring

Gossip Girl: The French say, "plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose." Sounds romantic but all it means is the more things change, the more they stay the same.
-- S05E24 The Return of the Ring

Season 06

Blair Waldorf: Do I look like I've been eating? Don't insult me.
-- S06E03 Dirty Rotten Scandals

Gossip Girl: Tolstoy wrote that all happy families are alike. But every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way, especially on the Upper East Side. Some are only too happy to be distracted from their pain, while others choose to bite the hand that feeds them even when they have no idea where their next meal is coming from. But whether your family is happy or unhappy, it's always best to stick together because some ties are simply unbreakable.
-- S06E03 Dirty Rotten Scandals

Gossip Girl: On the Upper East Side, it's hard to know who to trust. Usually the answer is no one.
-- S06E04 Portrait of Lady Alexander

Gossip Girl: We all have things from our past we'd like to erase but on the Upper East Side, it's not so easy to hit delete. There's always a record of misdeeds somewhere and someone's always looking for it. Better not to ignore the past but learn from it instead. Otherwise history has a way of repeating itself.
-- S06E04 Portrait of Lady Alexander

Serena van der Woodsen: I don't know how I'm supposed to fix a problem if I don't know what the problem is.
-- S06E05 Monstrous Ball

Gossip Girl: Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Even the best laid plans can go bust.
-- S05E07 Save the Last Chance

Daniel 'Dan' Humphrey: The Upper East Side was like something from Fitzgerald or Thackeray. Teenagers acting like adults; adults acting like teenagers: guarding secrets, spreading gossip, all with the trappings of truly opulent wealth. And membership in this community was so elite, you couldn't even buy your way in. It was a birth right.
-- S06E10 New York, I Love You XOXO