31 January 2016

응답하라 1988 (Answer Me 1988) Clues

Title: 응답하라 1988 Eungdabhara 1988
English Title:
  • Answer Me 1988
  • Reply 19888
  • Respond 1988

Clues that Choi Taek is the One

Episode 01: 손에 손잡고 (Hand in Hand)

Episode 02: 당신이 나에 대해 착각하는 한 가지 (The One Thing You Misunderstood About Me) (The One Thing You’re Mistaken About Me)
  • Choi Taek's gate is color green
  • "You have to grow up so you can marry me." (Sung Deok Sun to Choi Taek)
  • "The superstar always comes last." (Kim Sung Kyun)
  • "The star of the show always shows up last." (Lee Il Hwa)
  • "Oh yeah, I want you all to greet him. He's our son-in-law." (Sung Dong Il)
  • "We called dibs first! Right, Taek?" (Lee Il Hwa)
  • flashback is about how Choi Taek moved in the neighborhood and became friends with the gang

Episode 03: 유전무죄 무전유죄 (Not Guilty If You’re Rich, Guilty If You’re Poor)

Episode 04: Can't Help~ ing

Episode 05: 월동준비 (Preparing for Winter)

Episode 06: 첫 눈이 온다구요 (The First Snow is Falling)
  • "Ah, so you can make this kind of play in this situation. This is how you play." (?)
  • "Choi Taek comes right on time." (Lee ?)

Episode 07: 그대에게 (To That Person)

Episode 08: 따뜻한 말 한마디 (One Warm Remark) (One Warm Word)

Episode 09: 선을 넘는다는 것 (What It Means to Cross the Line)

Episode 10: Memory
  • "Take responsibility." (Sung Sun Woo to Sung Deok Seon)
  • "Take responsibility for Taek for the rest of your life." (Ryu Dong Ryong to Sung Deok Seon)
  • "Okay. I will. I'd be happy to. How lucky I am." (Sung Deok Seon)

Episode 11: 세 가지 예언 (Three Different Prophecies)

Episode 12: 누군가를 사랑한다는 것은 (Loving Someone Means...) (What It Means to Love Someone)

Episode 13: 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 (Superman has Returned) (Superman is Back)

Episode 14: 걱정 말아요 그대 (Don't Worry, Dear) (Don't You Worry)

Episode 15: 사랑과 우정 사이 (Between Love and Friendship)

Episode 16: 인생이란 아이러니 - 1 (Life is Ironic Part 01)

Episode 17: 인생이란 아이러니 - 2 (Life is Ironic Part 02)

Episode 18: 굿바이 첫사랑 (Goodbyw, My First Love)

Episode 19: 당신은 최선을 다했다 (You Did Your Best)

Episode 20: 안녕 나의 청춘 굿바이 쌍문동 (Goodbye, Ssangmun-dong)