20 December 2013

リーガル・ハイ2 Legal High 2

Title: リーガル・ハイ2 Rīgaru Hai 2 (Legal High 2)
English Title: Legal High 2
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2013
Episode: 09
  • 堺雅人 Sakai Masato
  • 新垣結衣 Aragaki Yui
  • 岡田将生 Okada Masaki
  • 生瀬勝久 Namase Katsuhisa
  • 小池栄子 Koike Eiko
  • 里見浩太朗 Satomi Kotaro
  • 田口淳之介 Taguchi Junnosuke
  • 矢野聖人 Yano Masato
  • 黒木華 Kuroki Haru
  • 古舘寛治 Furutachi Kanji

Lawyer Komikado Kensuke is stubborn, sarcastic, and moody. A genius at negotiation and building strategy, he has never lost a case in his life. Winning is everything to Kensuke.

Mayuzumi Machiko is a young lawyer who passed the bar exam by studying hard. She has a strong sense of justice and she is determined to save the innocent. Machiko intends to practice law without compromising her convictions.

Hanyu Haruki interned at Komikado's law firm for a few weeks. He worked as a public prosecutor but he later sets up his own law firm called Nexus. He aims to practice law wherein both parties involved in cases have a so-called 'win-win' outcome.

Legal High is about lawyers and the law; its positive aspects as well as its negative aspects, and its strengths as well as its weaknesses. It's a very interesting drama to watch but if you're an optimistic and hopeful person, it may be possible that you'll become pessimistic and resigned. At the very least, you may become jaded about people and you may lose hope in humanity a little bit.

Nothing has really changed in this drama sequel when it comes to its lead characters really; lawyer Komikado Kensuke is still detestable but brilliant, lawyer Mayuzumi Machiko is still idealistic and has hideous style, and their law firm is still handling difficult cases.

Legal High 2 discusses what being a lawyer is all about. I think practicing law is a very interesting profession. Although I would like to think the law is made to serve people's interests in general, the lawyer's job is essentially to use the law in order to serve his client's interests first and foremost.

Mayuzumi Machiko: Our job is to aim for a proper sentence.
Komikado Kensuke: Wrong. If our client's order is that she's innocent... then we turn black into white. That's our job!
-- E01 Complete Revival - Komikado Kensuke! The Undefeated Lawyer Confronts Unjust Villains For All His Client's Sake!

Komikado Kensuke: We should clarify what the truth is, shouldn't we? All of this is what you took part in, isn't it?
Mayuzumi Machiko: Well... that's true but it is also important to protect the client.
Komikado Kensuke: Then what should we do? Are you saying you have another method?
Mayuzumi Machiko: We'll have Kiwa (our client) acquitted and we will save Satsuki (the other party involved) as well.
Komikado Kensuke: And how can we do that?
Mayuzumi Machiko: When it comes to this, we have no choice.
Komikado Kensuke: What's that?
Mayuzumi Machiko: We make up a new truth.
Komikado Kensuke: Correct answer.
-- E10 The Seesaw Final Courtroom! Tenaciously Save the Client! Is Truth a Tragedy or Comedy!?

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リーガル・ハイ2 Legal High 2