05 January 2014

こたつDE嵐 Kotatsu de Arashi 2014

  • こたつDE嵐 Kotatsu de Arashi
  • 福嵐特別企画!こたつDE嵐 Fuku Arashi Tokubetsu Kikaku! Kotatsu de Arashi
English Title:
  • Kotatsu de Arashi
  • Fuku Arashi Special! Kotatsu de Arashi
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2014
Episode: 01
  • 大野智 Ohno Satoshi
  • 櫻井翔 Sakurai Shō
  • 相葉雅紀 Aiba Masaki
  • 二宮和也 Ninomiya Kazunari
  • 松本潤 Matsumoto Jun

Kotatsu de Arashi is a special television program where the five members of Arashi sit under a こたつ kotatsu and talk about various topics.

VS嵐王 VS Arashi Ō (King of VS Arashi)
The VS Arashi Ō section determines which among the Arashi members know the most about their variety show VS Arashi. Some of the quiz questions are (1) what is the name of one of the games in the program that wasn't often used, and (2) what is the name of the handicap given to certain guests, and (3) what is the game most often played in the show.

嵐15周年の告白 Arashi 15 Shūnen no Kokuhaku (Arashi 15th Anniversary Confession)
In Arashi 15 Shūnen no Kokuhaku section, each of the members say something to the other members that they haven't told them before.

Baba 嵐 (Baba Arashi Preliminary Round)
In a special program, the members along with some guests play a card game where players divide a deck of cards among them, with the joker card mixed in. Players must conceal from the other players that they have the joker card. Players have to make pairs to put down on the table. Each player will get a card from the player on his left side. The game goes on until one player remains on the table with the joker card.

In this preliminary round, the members play the card game and whoever loses will automatically proceed to the final game for the special program.

I like Kotatsu de Arashi because as always, I like watching the five members of Arashi together. This show is particularly interesting because the members usually look back to the past, and reminisce about significant moments.

I especially like the VS Arashi Ō this time around because it was fun to see if the members are knowledgeable enough of their own television program, to the point that they'll even remember some of the guest's unforgettable comments.

I have watched most of the VS Arashi episodes, and some I've even watched a few times, so I thought I can answer at least a couple of the questions in this quiz. Unfortunately, I didn't know the answers to majority of the questions.

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こたつDE嵐 Kotatsu de Arashi