29 December 2012

花のズボラ飯 Hana no Zubora Meshi Quotes

Title: 花のズボラ飯 Hana no Zubora Meshi
English Title: Hana's Sloppy Meals

Episode 01: Salmon Flake Toast, and Pizza Toast: Salmon-chovy Flavor

Salmon Flake Toast
bread, salmon flakes, Japanese mayonnaise

Pizza Toast
bread, tomato sauce, cabbage, cheese, salmon flakes or anchovies, parmesan cheese
Toast for two minutes in oven toaster.

Okonomiyaki Toast
bread, cabbage, squid roll, cheese, Japanese mayonnaise, okonomiyaki sauce

Episode 02: Mentaiko and Tofu on a Bowl of Rice, and Fresh Chestnuts, and Instant Cream Stew

Mentaiko and Tofu on a Bowl of Rice
rice, crushed tofu, mentaiko (pollack), spring onion, butter, soy sauce, bonito flakes
Put rice in a bowl, then put crushed tofu on top. Add mentaiko (pollack) and chopped spring onions. Melt butter on the stove for about one minute and add to the dish. Add a dash of soy sauce. Garnish with bonito flakes.

Episode 03: 3-Day-Old Curry, and Unique Gyoza

Episode 04: Izakaya Gourmet, and Ochazuke using Rice Balls from the Convenience Store

Episode 05: Liver Pate, Pot-au-Feu Hot Pot with Ketchup, Milk, and Miso

Episode 06: Premium Quality Steak, and Diced Steak over Rice

Episode 07: Waffle with Blue Cheese and Honey, Ramen with Stir-Fried Vegetable Topping

Episode 08: Soup to Fight Off a Cold, and  Hot Pot with a Bit of Everything, and Creamy-Fluffy Oyakodon

Episode 09: Mizuki's Kenchin Soup, and Hana's Katsudon

Episode 10: Boiled Tofu, and Christmas OO!