26 October 2016

혼술남녀 Drinking Solo

Title: 혼술남녀 Honsoolnamnyeo
English Title:
  • Drinking Alone
  • Drinking Solo
  • Let's Drink
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Year: 2016
Episode: 16
  • 하석진 Ha Suk Jin
  • 박하선 Park Ha Sun
  • 황우슬혜 Hwang Woo Seul Hye
  • 민진웅 Min Jin Woong
  • 김원해 Kim Won Hae
  • 공명 Gong Myung
  • 김기범 Kim Ki Bum (키 Key)
  • 김동영 Kim Dong Young
  • 정채연 Jung Chae Yoon

오마이걸 Oh My Girl - 너의 귓가에 안녕 [Hello Love]
Park Ha Na is starting a new job as a Korean language instructor in an academy located in Seoul that offers review classes for the civil service exam. She is nervous about her new career because she used to work at a much smaller academy in the province and she used to teach young students.

Ha Na's colleague in her new workplace is Jin Jung Seok, a graduate of Seoul National University and the most popular Korean history instructor for the review classes specifically for the civil service exam.

Drinking Solo is an interesting drama about struggling in one's chosen career, whether it's trying to pass the necessary examinations to practice a profession or trying to climb up the so-called corporate ladder.

The drama is also about drinking alcohol alone to relax, as opposed to drinking with friends and colleagues. It talks about how some people prefer their own company after a long taxing day, as opposed to socializing with other people.

Jin Sang also known as Jin Jung Seok: The reason why I drink solo is... I don't have to see something unnecessary... I don't have to waste my energy unnecessarily... I don't have to spend my money unnecessarily. It's time for myself only. It's my healing time, that's why I drink alone.

However, it is important to spend time with other people for our well-being. There are numerous studies that have shown how having a set of friends to hang out with on a regular basis, preferably once a week but usually once a month, is good for mental health.

It is also necessary to allot some time for socializing with co-workers out of the office. Most people focus on their work when they are in the office, so attending corporate events and company activities are usually the only opportunities to get to know colleagues on a more personal basis.

Anyway, because the title of the drama is about drinking, I thought it is about how to drink alone in a social culture. I expected it will share information on what establishments cater to people who dine and drink alone, how to order food and drinks for a party of one, what alcoholic drinks go with certain types of food, etc. It didn't do that so that was a little disappointing.

But what I'm most unhappy about is the lack of development between Jin Sang, also known as Jin Jung Seok, and Park Ha Na. I mainly watched the drama for actors Ha Suk Jin and Park Ha Sun, and I was looking forward to their romantic story in the drama.

혼술남녀 Drinking Solo