04 October 2015

Manmakoto Quotes

Title: まんまこと Manmakoto
English Title: Manmakoto

Episode 01

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Episode 03: Folly Attachment

? Shin, also known as Oshin: I don't quite understand myself... What should I do? What would I like to do?

Firefighter Chief:: When you encounter something you don't understand in your life, what will you do?
Takahashi Asanosuke: 'When'?... 'When I meet...'?
Firefighter Chief:: What? Anything wrong with that?
Takahashi Asanosuke: No. Instead of 'when', my life is full of things I don't understand already. Well, you know, I have a great amount of things in my life I don't understand. But because of that, for the time being, instead of trying to understand, I try to live.
Teacher: Do you know what 'folly attachment' means?
Takahashi Asanosuke: 'Folly attachment'? Teacher: 'Folly attachment' means to be attached to something insignificant; speaking stupidly about things without making up one's mind.

Takahashi Asanosuke: 'Love without firefly's light and intention.'

Episode 04: Cry of Quietly Mind

Yagi Yū, also known as Oyū: For anyone, the time will come when he has to decide his life by himself. If he hesitates, he can't make any progress. This is what they mean with "people keep on living", don't you think?

Takahashi Asanosuke: 'The so far wavering decision is like excitement.'

Episode 05: Deep Consequence

Takahashi Asanosuke: 'The state of the lily resembles the start of every trip.'

Episode 06: Seijuro's Question

Takahashi Asanosuke: 'Our connected hearts become an autumn breeze.'

Episode 07: Opposite Sides

Takahashi Asanosuke: 'Clear autumn day, when we noticed, that our shoulders got close.'

Episode 08: Fish Story

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Episode 10