03 June 2015

식샤를 합시다 2 Let's Eat 2 Quotes

Title: 식샤를 합시다 2 Siksyareul Habsida 2
English Title: Let's Eat 2

Episode 01

Baek Soo Ji: They say that "your mouth goes continuously from three until you are eighty".

Episode 02

Goo Dae Young: There are no grandmas in Korea. If women are older, they're 'noona'; if they're younger, they're 'dongsaeng'.

Baek Soo Ji: There is an infinite amount of delicious food all over the world. What about the fun you have from eating?

Baek Soo Ji: Even in beauty, "the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer".

Baek Soo Ji: Where's the world as I know it?!

Baek Soo Ji: You think I subscribe to newspapers to read them, right?
Goo Dae Young: Of course.
Baek Soo Ji: Newspapers are like my pointer; it determines whether I'm breathing or not. It tells the world whether I'm alive or dead. If by chance something happens to me at night, the newspapers in front of the door is like a sign for someone to come into my house so they can check whether I'm living or dead. That's why I subscribe to newspapers.

Episode 03

Goo Dae Young: It's not like you haven't dated, right? Right?
Baek Soo Ji: Are you crazy? Do you know how old I am?

Goo Dae Young: Chapter 1 – smile and request.
Baek Soo Ji: What?
Goo Dae Young: The majority of men like women who smile. Furthermore, (they like it) if a request is made with a smile.

Goo Dae Young: Chapter 2 – compliments make a man dance 24/7. That means admire even the tiniest of things.

Baek Soo Ji: Is there something that would make him fall in love instantly?
Goo Dae Young: You think it's that easy to win over someone's heart? Let's do this slowly.

Goo Dae Young: Plant a good scent in his mind, and begin 'skinship' naturally.

Goo Dae Young: If you're working for money, then you should work as much as you get paid.

Goo Dae Young: How do you have no common sense? How can you say that you already saw the movie?
Baek Soo Ji: I already saw it. Am I supposed to lie?
Goo Dae Young: Even if you saw it, you should have pretended you didn't and you should have gone to watch it together.

Goo Dae Young: Men don't want to date women like their mothers. They want to date a woman.

Goo Dae Young: Also, why did you open that bottle with a spoon? Are you showing off?
Baek Soo Ji: Hey, it's something that all girls can't do.
Goo Dae Young: That's why you can't do any better than normal women, you dummy.

Episode 04

Episode 05

Hwang Hye Rim: They say "a cool guy has a girlfriend, and a perfect guy has a boyfriend".

Hwang Hye Rim: I should say what is right about this matter. Everyone has the freedom to wear whatever they want to wear.

Episode 06

Goo Dae Young: Guys love it when you ask them about things they're interested in.

Baek Soo Ji: I cannot get a new credit card. It's not that I don't want to, it's just that I can't. So please never call again.
Hong In Ah: At times like this, you really do seem like a writer because of your crafty wording. If I get a call next time asking me to get a new credit card, I think I'll refuse it that way.
Baek Soo Ji: But it's true.
Hong In Ah: What?
Baek Soo Ji: I'm not faking it, it's real. I really can't afford another credit card now.
Hong In Ah: Why?
Baek Soo Ji: It's because I'm a freelancer; my income is irregular.

Goo Dae Young: What I mean is... act according to your means.

Baek Soo Ji: Hey, when I'm trying to meet a guy who is not of my standard, how can I not act according to his standard?
Goo Dae Young: Do you have to go to that extent to get married? But are you a 'doenjang' girl who scrimps on necessities to buy luxuries?
Baek Soo Ji: Coming up with those kind of terms to criticize women are men's hobbies, right? How many marriages exist that didn't consider the mate's stature?
Goo Dae Young: Even if you talk that way, Sang Woo won't marry you, never mind date you. Sang Woo is going on blind dates this weekend with women who are from good households, have good jobs, and had good educations.
Baek Soo Ji: What?
Goo Dae Young: In the end, a man with good specifications or qualifications is bound to meet a woman with good specifications or qualifications.
Goo Dae Young: A story like Cinderella only happens in fairy tales or in dramas. You do know that even Cinderella was also from a noble family, right? If Cinderella was a commoner, she would not have been invited to the ball.
Baek Soo Ji: Don't you think I know? It's not like you didn't know when you decided to help me. You just watch me. Even with that hurdle, I'm going to make it happen.

Hwang Hye Rim: What's the use of studying? The ones who graduated from rural school will have a hard time finding a job, anyway. Rather than being stressed, I thought I should enjoy life, and just live that way...
Goo Dae Young: Whether you are immature or you have no dream...
Hwang Hye Rim: Then, why are you drinking a beer in a convenient store alone? Aren't you dating?
Goo Dae Young: Why would I date? Most women expect marriage when they date. I don't have thoughts of marriage.
Hwang Hye Rim: Why?
Goo Dae Young: Why would I want to make someone suffer when my situation is like this? Rather than two people suffering, it's better that I suffer alone, right?
Hwang Hye Rim: Whether you are realistic or you have no ambition...

Episode 07

Goo Dae Young: Eat food in its season. In particular, it's the easiest way to get nourishment.

Baek Soo Ji: Look at me, I must have been really longing for a guy. I even misunderstood his kindness as romantic interest.

Baek Soo Ji: Gathering data is also work. A writer should see a lot, listen a lot, and read a lot.

Baek Soo Ji: You should be direct, but only to the right degree.

Episode 08

Hong Min Ah: It's a strategy to fulfill what they lack. The type like Sang Woo who is rather timid, will fall for a person who is free-spirited, which he lacks.

Hong Min Ah: We're not even officially dating so why do I need to settle things?

Baek Soo Ji: In my right mind, from the beginning, I guess I knew it wasn't going to work out well. So that's why for a long time, I tried really hard to not let it show , and liked him in secret. In the end, I... knowing that I'll get hurt, I got over my head. I'm pretty good with that kind of calculation.

Episode 09

Episode 10

Hong In Ah: A man an woman can meet and then separate all the time. I'm not narrow-minded.

Baek Soo Ji: What do you think you're doing? You're the one who told me to act cutesy.

Lee Sang Woo: Shouldn't I do at least this much as a man for the woman I like?

?: It's not a matter of luck to have kind friends, both women and men. You have to work for your relationships, including friendships.

Episode 11

Hwang Hye Rim: This is why between people you need push and pull.

Episode 12

Lee Sang Woo: Does it have to be a special day to give something to someone you love?

Im Taek Soo: Hey, does it make sense that a person with a family does not get lonely?

Im Taek Soo: If you pick on little things, you can't get married. When you put money and other calculation before your feelings, is that love? Would you even know how to love?

Episode 13

Hwang Hye Rim: But why are you worried about paying your boyfriend back (for the expensive gift)? Just accept it happily, and so the person who gave it to you feels good, express how happy you are.
Baek Soo Ji: Even so, my heart feels rather heavy.
Hwang Hye Rim: If you feel that burden, then isn't that not dating? When you are with him, does your heart flutter?
Bek Soo Ji: Yes, I'm dating, and I do feel my heart fluttering. He is so generous to me.
Hwang Hye Rim: When you are dating, how can there be such a thing like being generous? Why do you date? "To be loved like this, I'm an okay person", you do it to feel that way, and to become happy.

Goo Dae Young: A guy has to have at least one formal suit.
Goo Dae Young: You have to tie the necktie properly. A suit's central point is the necktie.
Goo Dae Young: It feels uncomfortable, right? It is at first, but you'll get used to it soon. I suppose it's true that "clothes make a person".

Baek Soo Ji: What do you like about your girlfriend?
Goo Dae Young: She seems like a girl, and a friend. If we're together, it's fun and comfortable.

Baek Soo Ji: This time, I thought I can date differently than before, but it's the same pattern. It seems like I lack in many things, and I feel intimidated...
Goo Dae Young: Why do you think that you lack something? You don't, at all. You're personality is great, and you're kind. You're fun and pretty. You're an okay girl. You have more than enough right to be loved. That's what I think.

Episode 14

Baek Soo Ji: What do you mean? A girl needs to see another girl. I can see her personality just by examining her face.

Goo Dae Young: Heat plays a huge role in food taste. People say that good flavor comes from how you cook, but the most important factor in cooking is the taste that comes from heat.

Hwang Hye Rim: Soo Ji, did you break up with your boyfriend?
Baek Soo Ji: No, why?
Hwang Hye Rim: You wear underwear that don't match? Ah, you haven't slept with him yet?
Baek Soo Ji: Hey, it's because we came here suddenly.
Hwang Hye Rim: That's why! You can suddenly find yourself sleeping with your boyfriend. You should always be prepared.

Lee Sang Woo: We are lovers. If we are lovers, whether good things or bad things, we should let each other know; that's what I believe.
Baek Soo Ji: That is, I only wanted to show you the nice sides of me. Even though I'm not perfect, I didn't want to become a girlfriend who lacks many things.
Lee Sang Woo: Soo Ji, you're not lacking at all. You're really amazing. So from now on, without hiding anything, I want you to show me everything.
Baek Soo Ji: I understand.

Lee Sang Woo: You have nothing to tell me?
Goo Dae Young: Huh?
Lee Sang Woo: Soo Ji. I heard she was sexually assaulted.
Goo Dae Young: Oh, you heard from Soo Ji?
Lee Sang Woo: If I did, I wouldn't be this angry. I found out coincidentally.
Goo Dae Young: The thing is, from Soo Ji's point of view, she wouldn't want the person she's dating to know about that.
Lee Sang Woo: Then what about you? Why didn't you tell me? Okay, let's say Soo Ji had no sense. Then, shouldn't you have told me? When we met yesterday, you said nothing.
Lee Sang Woo: Do you still like her? Soo Ji?
Goo Dae Young: What?
Lee Sang Woo: I warned you to settle your feelings.
Goo Dae Young: She called me instead because she's not comfortable with you! If she was comfortable with you, she wouldn't have called me.

Lee Sang Woo: I won't ask about anything. Be at ease, and cry as you wish.
Lee Sang Woo: I'm sorry, but do you know I'm happy now (that you're relying on me)?

Episode 15

Baek Soo Ji: You know what she's like. Rumors are going to spread all over the workplace soon. Why did you tell her about our relationship?
Lee Sang Woo: Well, we can't help if rumors spread. We're not doing anything bad. A man and a woman are dating because they like each other. What's so wrong about that?

Episode 16

Episode 17

Goo Dae Young: Anyway, whether they are young or old, all men are same.

Bae Soo Ji: I'm sorry.
Lee Sang Woo: Those words of apology, I'm getting tired of them. You just don't have to do anything that you'd be sorry about.

Kim Mi Ran: That saying, "As soon as one develops affection, it's goodbye." is really true.

Episode 18