04 October 2015

まんまこと Manmakoto

  • まんまこと Manmakoto
  • まんまこと 麻之助裁定帳 Manmakoto Asanosuke Saiteichou
English Title: Manmakoto
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2015
Episode: 10
  • 福士誠治 Fukushi Seiji
  • 南沢奈央 Minamisawa Nao
  • 市川由衣 Ichikawa Yui
  • 桐山漣 Kiriyama Renn
  • 趙珉和 Cho Tamiyasu
  • えなりかずき Enari Kazuki
  • 桧山うめ吉 Hiyama Umekichi
  • 石橋蓮司 Ishibashi Renji
  • 伊吹吾郎 Ibuki Goro
  • 市川左團次 Ichikawa Sadanji
  • 高橋英樹 Takahashi Hideki

Takahashi Asanosuke is the son of Takahashi Soemon, who is the appointed administrator of Kanda. The administrator, called a cho-nanushi, is in charge of administering justice for trivial civil cases that are not brought up to the magistrates in one of the particular blocks within the Edo area. The position is normally passed down within the family line, so Asanosuke is expected to succeed his father.

Asanosuke was a serious boy who excelled in everything, but he grew up to be a happy-go-lucky guy without a care in the world. However, he has a great sense of deduction, which he uses to solve cases that was brought to his family's attention.

Manmakoto is an interesting detective drama set in historical times. The lead characters are not really detectives, but cases are brought to their families to solve and to administer justice.

Takahashi Asanosuke is someone who doesn't seem to have a care in the world, and he describes himself as someone who runs away from things. He seems to be quite a different person when he was younger, so you'd wonder why he changed over time.

The drama is interesting because of the characters, who all seem to be in an unrequited love for someone. Because they live at a time when there are strict societal rules, people can't be in a relationship with just about anyone and they can't always get married to the person they love.

I like how love isn't put in a pedestal in this production. Although people don't get married to the person they love, life goes on for everyone. It's something that just happens, and it's something that people just accept as fact, and they still try to live as happily as they can given the circumstances.

まんまこと Manmakoto