05 February 2015

深夜食堂 Shinya Shokudō

Title: 深夜食堂 Shinya Shokudō
English Title:
  • Late Night Diner
  • Late Night Restaurant
  • Midnight Restaurant
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2015
  • 小林薫 Kobayashi Kaoru
  • 高岡早紀 Takaoka Saki
  • 柄本時生 Emoto Tokio
  • 多部未華子 Tabe Mikako
  • 余貴美子 Kimiko Yo
  • 菊池亜希子 Kikuchi Akiko
  • 松重豊 Matsushige Yutaka
  • 綾田俊樹 Ayata Toshiki
  • 光石研 Mitsuishi Ken
  • 安藤玉恵 Ando Tamae
  • 須藤理彩 Sudo Risa
  • 小林麻子 Kobayashi Asako
  • 吉本菜穂子 Yoshimoto Nahoko

Shinya Shokudō is a small restaurant in the corner of a busy shopping district that opens only after midnight. The eatery's standard menu consists of just one dish but customers who come in can request the Master, the shop's owner and chef, to make anything.

Shinya Shokudō is an interesting drama about food and people. When the restaurant opens at midnight, the Master encounters many customers with special food requests; and he also gets a glimpse on these individuals' busy lives.

I think what people's favorite food are says a lot about them; such as their personalities and their histories. For most people, there's always that one dish that makes them happy or brings back good memories or comforts them when they are feeling the worst.

Shinya Shokudō doesn't really highlight the food, rather it features the food to focus on the various characters. Many customers of the late night restaurant have fascinating stories to tell, but I'm most curious about Master who's name is withheld and has a scar on the left side of his face.

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深夜食堂 Shinya Shokudō
深夜食堂 Shinya Shokudō