26 October 2014

ヒガンバナ Higanbana

  • ヒガンバナ Higanbana
  • 女たちの犯罪ファイル Higanbana Onnatachi no Hanzai Fairu (File)
English Title:
  • Higanbana
  • Higanbana Women's Crime File
  • Higanbana Whispers from a Crime Scene
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2014
Episode: 01
  • 堀北真希 Horikita Maki
  • 檀れい Dan Rei
  • 高梨臨 Takanashi Rin
  • 강지영 Kang Ji Young (知英 Ji Young) (ジヨン Ji Young)
  • ゆう YOU
  • 大地真央 Daichi Mao
  • 杉本哲太 Sugimoto Tetta
  • 木本武宏 Kimoto Takehiro
  • 市川知宏 Ichikawa Tomohiro
  • 高橋惠子 Takahashi Keiko
  • 佐野史郎 Sano Shiro
  • 高岡早紀 Takaoka Saki
  • いしのようこ Ishino Yoko
  • 国生さゆり Kokusho Sayuri
  • 東幹久 Azuma Mikihisa

Pink feat. Nate Ruess - Just Give Me A Reason
The 7th division is a section of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department composed of female detectives. This special division is called by their colleagues as Higanbana, which is a flower with a poisonous root.

Kinomiya Nagisa is one of the detectives working in the 7th division. Nagisa is a very sensitive person that can sense people's murderous intent and ill will. She uses her ability by actively sensing the criminal's intentions and feelings in the crime scene.

Higanbana is an interesting drama about people's real feelings, and how their malicious intent and ill intent can sometimes lead them to commit crimes. It is also about answering the timeless questions that everyone asks, "Who is the real me? Who knows the real me?"

Frankly speaking, it's a little condescending to have a special division composed of female detectives that handle cases exclusively of either female criminals or female victims as if the female population are an entirely separate beings. It is also insulting that their male colleagues see the 7th division as a place where useless and troublesome colleagues are transferred to.

However, the female detectives of the 7th Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department not only have different specialties, they also are of different ages, different personalities, and at different stages in their lives. It's truly fascinating to hear their insights about many things such as women's way of thinking and women's relationships with each other.

Yanagi Sachiko: You don't understand. For women who are more than 40 years old, to be called pretty is not to attract men, but to compete with other women.
Ito Rin: What a waste, if there's no men, it's meaningless to be called pretty.
Yanagi Sachiko: That's because you're still young. In the end, it's about women's battle.

Yanagi Sachiko: Women is about organism comparison; pretty or ugly, happy or sad… Because it's about comparison, of course it involves beings of the same gender.

Minegishi Yukino: A detective's fundamental work is to move his feet.

Ito Rin: Their friend's existence shows their own misfortune, right?

Yanagi Sachiko: There could be three options as women's choices in their lives, that's why they're confused. Whether they have made the right choice, or the path they didn't choose is the path to happiness?

Ogawa Satomi, also known as Suzuki Yoko: It's not east for a stranger to know who I really am.

Ogawa Satomi, also known as Suzuki Yoko: I don't want to say anything as if it's easy to understand.

ヒガンバナ Higanbana (2016)

ヒガンバナ Higanbana