05 December 2013

미래의 선택 Mi Rae's Choice

Title: 미래의 선택 Mi Rae-ui Suntaek
English Title:
  • Future Choice
  • Mi Rae's Choice
  • Marry Him If You Dare
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Year: 2013
Episode: 16
  • 윤은혜 Yoon Eun Hye
  • 최명길 Choi Myung Gil
  • 이동건 Lee Dong Gun
  • 정용화 Jung Yong Hwa
  • 한채아 Han Chae Ah
  • 오정세 Oh Jung Se
  • 이미도 Lee Mi Do
  • 고두심 Ko Doo Shim

Na Mi Rae is thirty-two years old and she's working at a dead-end job. She wants to be a television writer but it may just be too late for her to start realizing her dreams.

Mi Rae meets an older woman also named Na Mi Rae. Older Mi Rae claims that she is Mi Rae in the future and that she has traveled back in time to change the course of her life.

Mi Rae's Choice is an awful drama to watch, mainly because it did not have a solid plot. I suppose it is inevitable because time travel is a difficult concept to execute.

The main drawback of the drama is it did not properly set up the parameters of the time travel... Why can people from the future go back to their past? What are the consequences if they do? Is it okay for them to inform people about their identity? Is it okay for them to tell people about what happens in the future? How are they going to go back to the future?

미래의 선택 Mi Rae's Choice