30 June 2013

真夏の方程式 Manatsu no Hōteishiki

Title: 真夏の方程式 Manatsu no Hōteishiki
English Title:
  • Midsummer's Equation
  • Midsummer Formula
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2013
  • 福山雅治 Fukuyama Masaharu
  • 吉高由里子 Yoshitaka Yuriko
  • 北村一輝 Kitamura Kazuki
  • 渡辺杏 Watanabe An (杏 Anne)
  • 前田吟 Maeda Gin
  • 風吹ジュン Fubuki Jun
  • 山崎光 Yamazaki Hikaru
  • 塩見三省 Shiomi Sansei
  • 白竜 Hakuryu
  • 田中哲司 Tanaka Tetsushi
  • 西田尚美 Nishida Naomi
  • 有福正志 Arifuku Masashi
  • 田川可奈美 Tagawa Kanami

Hagiwara is a small seaside town, with a crystal clear waters and a very rich underwater life. When a company plans to explore the undersea resources, the local residents are divided into two opposing sides: a group that supports seafloor mining for its economic benefits and another faction who is against it because of environmental concerns.

Physicist and associate professor Yukawa Manabu, also known as Galileo, goes to Hagiwara as a consultant for the seafloor mining project. On his way to the small seaside town, Galileo encounters a small precocious boy traveling alone named Tsukazaki Kyohei.

Galileo stays at the Rokusugo Inn, which is managed by Kawabata Shigeru, his wife Kawabata Setsuko, and their daughter Kawabata Narumi. It turns out that Kyohei is related to the Kawabata family, and he is visiting them for a week.

Tsukahara Shoji, another guest at the inn, was found dead along the embankment. Because he is a former cop, police detectives Kusanagi Shunpei and Kishitani Misa are unofficially assigned to work on the case. Misa enlists Galileo's assistance in her investigations.

Galileo is an interesting production because it uses science, particularly physics, to explain how crimes happen. Brilliant physicist Yukawa Manabu, also known as Galileo, helps detectives by coming up with ideas on how a crime may have occurred and then conducting experiments to prove the hypotheses.

Galileo has many strange mannerisms that are not shown in this movie. I didn't think I'd miss his dialogues such as "every phenomenon has a cause", "I absolutely have no idea", and "amusing". Come to think of it, he's not even called Galileo by anyone this time.

Manatsu no Hōteishiki is about a family with many secrets, and how they used lies and deception to protect each other. Some family members would even go as far as committing crimes just to protect the people they love.

I generally think that you don't have to tell people anything, and that it's always better to say less than necessary. But there are some cases wherein I think it's important to tell people some truths that are relevant to them. If only people have been more honest and forthcoming in the film, then they wouldn't have to kill people just so they can keep their secrets hidden.

In Manatsu no Hōteishiki, like in 容疑者Xの献身 Yōgisha X no Kenshin, there is someone who covered a crime for the person he loves. He went to great lengths in order to do so, and he even willingly assumed responsibility for his loved one's actions.

Consequently, the movie got me thinking if I can really do anything for the ones I love. I mean, I'd definitely try to help my loved ones as much as I possibly can and I'll probably try to spare them any pain if I could, but how far can I go? Would I be willing to cover up their wrongdoings? Would I be willing to take the fall for their mistakes?

Yukawa Manabu, also known as Galileo: Say it's not possible if it's not possible. (Don't say it is possible, if it is not possible.)

Yukawa Manabu, also known as Galileo: I'm interested in the pursuit of truth. The truth is a map that teaches us how the world works, so humans can choose the right way to proceed. The role of science is to create that map.

Yukawa Manabu, also known as Galileo: You refuse to listen, and you just keep arguing your position.
Yukawa Manabu, also known as Galileo: The point of debating is to seek what's best through mutual understanding. You should choose your way after learning everything.

ガリレオ Galileo
ガリレオΦ Galileo 0 (Galileo Episode 0)
容疑者Xの献身 Yogisha X no Kenshin
ガリレオ (第2期) Galileo 2
ガリレオXX Galileo XX

真夏の方程式 Manatsu no Hōteishiki