28 February 2013

이웃집 꽃미남 Flower Boy Next Door

Title: 이웃집 꽃미남 Yiootjib Kkotminam 
English Title:
  • Flower Boy Next Door
  • My Flower Boy Neighbor
  • My Neighbor Flower Boy
  • The Pretty Boy Next Door
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Year: 2013
Episode: 16
  • 박신혜 Park Shin Hye
  • 윤시윤 Yoon Shi Yoon
  • 김지훈 Kim Ji Hoon
  • 고경표 Go Kyung Pyo
  • 김정산 Kim Jung San
  • 박수진 Park Soo Jin
  • 김윤혜 Kim Yoon Hye (우리 Woo Ri)

Go Dok Mi is a starving copywriter who lives in a rundown apartment building. Dok Mi is reluctant to talk and interact with other people, making it a point to stay confined in her own apartment as long as possible.

Directly across from Dok Mi's window is her crush Han Tae Joon's apartment. Tae Joon works as a doctor and has a morning routine for running errands that Dok Mi keeps track of daily.

Oh Jin Rak works as a webtoon artist and lives next door to Dok Mi. He is fascinated with Dok Mi and understands her to an extent, so he helps her out in little ways. He is going to make a webtoon roughly based on Dok Mi and her life.

Enrique Gim is a genius game developer who has come back to South Korea to live with his relative Tae Joon. Enrique catches Dok Mi peeking into Tae Joon's apartment. He assumes that she is watching him and he confronts her.

Go Dok Mi seems like an awkward person on paper and I assumed that she is someone who is hard to relate to. I don't know if it's due to Park Shin Hye's acting but Dok Mi is portrayed as someone ordinary with strange mannerisms, and she seems easier to relate to and identify with.

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이웃집 꽃미남 Flower Boy Next Door