04 January 2013

ラッキーセブン Lucky Seven

Title: ラッキーセブンスペシャル Rakkī Sebun Supesharu (Lucky Seven Special)
English Title: Lucky Seven
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2013
Episode: 01
  • 松本潤 Matsumoto Jun
  • 瑛太 Eita
  • 松嶋菜々子 Matsushima Nanako
  • 仲里依紗 Naka Rīsa
  • 大泉洋 Oizumi Yo
  • 角野卓造 Kadono Takuzo
  • 谷原章介Tanihara Shosuke
  • 金田明夫 Kaneda Akio
  • 石原さとみ Ishihara Satomi
  • 及川光博 Oikawa Mitsuhiro
  • 平田満 Hirata Mitsuru
  • 中丸雄一 Nakamaru Yuichi
  • 吹石一恵 Fukīshi Kazue
  • 小山慶一郎 Koyama Keīchiro

嵐 Arashi - Wild At Heart
The Lucky Detective Agency is owned and managed by Fujisaki Tōko. The agency employs a business and accounting manager, four detectives, and an office worker.

Nitta Teru is a well-composed detective who is logical and rational. He has good fighting skills, which sometimes comes in handy in his line of work.

Tokita Shuntaro is an inexperienced detective at the agency. He is naturally gifted with sleuthing skills but his lack of training and complacent attitude always gets him in trouble.

The Lucky Detective Agency is hired by a young man who hires their services to find his estranged father. His father left him a message on his cellular phone that he is planning to kill someone and then kill himself.

I like how Lucky Seven made me question about what it means to do your work properly. In the drama, the lead characters are working in a detective agency so the question is quite specific for their profession but it can also apply to any kind of work or career.

Anyway, I really like the characters so I'm glad that they are back, even if it's just for a drama special. I think it's interesting that the people in the Lucky Seven Agency are so different from each other, with different priorities and interests, but they manage to work well together just the same.

I particularly like Nitta Toru and Tokita Shuntaro. They are always fighting with each other but I like that they have each other's backs when it counts. I wish they were actually good friends rather than reluctant colleagues though.

I don't think the case tackled in this drama special is complicated enough. I mean, the case this time around seems lackluster compared to some cases tackled in the previous Lucky Seven drama.

I really like how the drama relays the importance of always doing the right thing. When we sometimes encounter people who cheat or do bad things, we sometimes think it's okay for these people to be treated the same way they treat others but actually, it is not.

Fujisaki Tōko: Just because that person is a swindler doesn't make it right for us to commit fraud (against him).

ラッキーセブン Lucky Seven (2012)

ラッキーセブン Lucky Seven