16 April 2008

1%의 어떤 것 1% of Anything

Title: 1%의 어떤 것 1% Ui Eotteon Geot
English Title:
  • 1% of Anything
  • 1% of Something
  • Something About 1%
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Year: 2003
Episode: 26
  • 김정화 Kim Jung Hwa
  • 강동원 Kang Dong Won
  • 한혜진 Han Hye Jin
  • 이병욱 Min Tae Ha
  • 김지우 Kim Ji Woo
  • 김승민 Kim Seung Min
  • 염경준 Yeom Kyung Joon (경준 Kyung Joon)
  • 허정민 Heo Jung Min

Kim Da Hyun is a simple girl with a pure heart. Everyone in her family is extremely good-natured, always willing to help out people in need. Da Hyun once helped an elderly gentleman carry his belongings on a train and they became good friends.

Although dressed simply when he met Da Hyun, the elderly gentleman is actually a very wealthy person who owns a lot of companies. He is extremely pleased with Da Hyun and he tells his grandson Lee Jae In that if he marries Da Hyun, he will inherit everything.

Jae In is a shrewd businessman with an awful personality. He is rude, quick-tempered and conceited. Jae In's grandfather hopes that Da Hyun will be a good influence on him.

Jae In meets up with Da Hyun and they agree to date each other. Although they always argue everytime they are together, the two grew fond of each other.

1% of Anything is the first Korean drama I watched that chronicled the lead characters' lives from when they did not know each other's existence, to the time that they are actually dating, and until their early married life.

What is interesting about the drama is how Kim Da Hyun's parents are against her marrying Lee Jae In because he is a first-born son so he has a lot of family obligations and he comes from a rich family. It's kind of surreal considering that most people would prefer their children marry into good families and definitely rich, if at all possible.

I like how the lead girl characters in the drama are educated and have established careers: Da Hyun is a teacher and Jung Hyun Jin is a doctor. It's nice to see women who are passionate about their work and who are insisting to keep working even after getting married.

It's nice how Da Hyun insisted that her new family help around the house since she is also working so her husband and sister-in-law are assigned some household chores. I think she was able to do so possibly because the family she married into are good-natured and I think her situation is an exception to the norm.

The drama covered the couple's early married life when they found out that they are expecting their first child. Jae In and Da Hyun talked about their anxieties about becoming parents and their worries of their abilities to raise children properly. When Jae In stated that they will do the best they can, I understood where he's coming from. After all, I think that's what parents should focus on anyway since they cannot really control external factors and influences.

1%의 어떤 것 1% of Anything (2016)

1%의 어떤 것 1% of Anything