18 June 2016

世界一難しい恋 Sekai Ichi Muzukashī Koi Quotes

Title: 世界一難しい恋 Sekai Ichi Muzukashī Koi
English Title: The Hardest Love in the World

Episode 01

Samejima Reiji: There is no need to put things here that are unnecessary.

Hiruma Taiyo: Even when setting aside the ranks at work, there is still a limit to it that should be followed.

Muraoki Maiko: Also, all groups will tend to unite if they have a common enemy.

Episode 02

Samejima Reiji: Once I've decided on something, I will do away with any difficulty to achieve my goal. And that's Samejima Reiji's way of doing business.

Muraoki Maiko: And from now on, stop minding the little things, always react with a smile no matter what happens, and try to be broadminded. Samejima Reiji: Will I be able to do that?
Muraoki Maiko: It's not about being able to... Just do it.

Episode 03

Muraoki Maiko: If it's warmth you want, please seek it from a person.
Muraoki Maiko: People who have dogs are known to be late in getting married.
Samejima Reiji: Even without a dog, a person who's late in marriage is late!

Muraoki Maiko: It's the opposite. She doesn't know how you feel, that's why she doesn't mind if she's along with you.
Samejima Reiji: She's not aware of my feelings? Is that really how it is?
Muraoki Maiko: Of course, since you still haven't yet conveyed your feelings for her.

Muraoki Maiko: Most women cannot sense the favor being accorded to them.

Muraoki Maiko: Romantic love doesn't just start when someone loves another person... The person you've come to love may start to love you on her own will but if one doesn't convey his feelings to that person he loves, there will be no progress. In order to turn on the "switch" to her feelings, you must convey your feelings to her.

Wada Hideo: Not drinking at a bar counter is such an inelegant thing, so don't be like that.

Samejima Reiji: Don't women like guys who have an unexpected side? Isn't there a thing that knowing a different side to a person will make him more attractive?

Episode 04

Otonashi Shizuo: As they say, "there's good fortune in leftovers".

Miura Ieyasu: A journey is a world that you least expect. Whatever happens between a man and a woman, there will be 'no more rules'.

Wada Hideo: A person easily embraces a sense of intimacy towards the other party when they are in a narrow space.

Wada Hideo: Use anything that can be of use.

Episode 05

Ishigami Katsunori: "Those who cannot love the shortcomings of their loved ones... cannot truly say 'I love you'. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)"

Wada Hideo: Do you know why it's so hard to wait?
Samejima Reiji: No.
Wada Hideo: Because all you're doing is just wait. And you're not doing anything constructive while waiting.
Samejima Reiji: Is there something I can do while waiting?
Wada Hideo: Of course. It's no exaggeration to say that what you do while waiting will determine the outcome...

Episode 06

Episode 07

Shibayama Misaki: He shouldn't have said that from the beginning if he was going to take it back later on.

Episode 08

Episode 09

Episode 10