15 June 2016

重版出来! Juhan Shuttai! Quotes

Title: 重版出来! Juhan Shuttai!
English Title: (There Will Be) Second Printing

Episode 01

Kurosawa Kokoro: 何がしたいのか 何ができるのか What do I want to do? What can I do?

?: 具体的には どうするの? In concrete terms, what will you do?

Kurosawa Kokoro: 「精力善用」 "Make good use of energy."
Kurosawa Kokoro: 「自他共栄」 "Mutual prosperity with oneself and others."

Episode 02

Oka Eiji: 人生に無駄なことなんてつもないぞ There's not a single thing that's worthless in life, you know.

Oka Eiji: 自分の立ってる場所が分からないうちはどこへも行けないと思うぞ While you don't know where you stand, I don't think you can go anywhere.

Kurosawa Kokoro: 言ってみるもんですね I guess you just have to ask.

Koizumi Jun: 黒沢さん よく使うけど頑張れって言葉 嫌いなんだよね You say it a lot, but I hate the phrase "Do your best".
Koizumi Jun: 頑張れ 頑張れって頑張れのインフレが起こってげんなりする Do your best, do your best... the more someone tells me that, the more I get dejected.
Kurosawa Kokoro: For me, it makes me happy...
Kurosawa Kokoro: でも 小泉さんみたいに頑張れって言われるの負担に思われる方もいらっしゃるなら注意したほうがいいですね以後気をつけます But if there are people like you who feel burdened when told to try their best, I should be careful, then. I'll be careful from now on.

Yasui Noboru as Prisoner Editor: Bear Cub newbie's rejoicing at the heaven of surveys, without knowing hell yet.

Episode 03

Yasui Noboru as Prisoner Editor: Bear Cub newbie is in great condition, with heaps of dreams... but there is poison in dreams.

Episode 04

Iokibe Kei: でも 最低限 学ぼうって姿勢がないとな 新人なんだから But at the very least, they need the attitude to learn... They're newcomers, after all.

Kurosawa Kokoro: Impossible, who decided that?! When this many possibilities are opening up?!

Wada Yasuki: Is that newbie diligent?
Kurosawa Kokoro: はい すっごく熱心で 真面目で一生懸命です Yes, very enthusiastic and diligent, doing her utmost best.
Wada Yasuki: そういうやつほど早く結果 見せてやらないと Those types of people need to be shown results quickly or they burn out.

Kurosawa Kokoro: I understand the feeling of hurrying, not being able to move forward. Now I know that even hurrying won't help some things. But in the middle of it, you can't tell, can you?

Iokibe Kei: Thinking about the what ifs like that doesn't help anything!
Iokibe Kei: Compatibility and timing both play a part too. An encounter between an editor and a manga artist, it's also something like fate. On top of meeting when there are as many stars as people, it's thinking about the other person with all your power, and answering to those feelings. It's a cycle of that.

Episode 05

?: ええこと教えちゃる運ば ためられるぞ足して引いてゼロになるごとできとう生まれたときに持ってるもんに差があっても札は同じ数だけ配られよるええことしたら運はたまる悪いことしたらすぐに運は減りよる I'll tell you something good. Luck can be accumulated. In this world, you can do things to add, subtract or bring your luck to zero. Even if there's a difference to what you had when born, you're dealt the same number of cards. If you do good things, your luck will increase. If you do bad things, your luck will immediately decrease.

Kuji Masaru:
「雨ニモ… マケズ」 Be not Defeated by the Rain
(by Miyzawa Kenji)
Not losing to the rain
Not losing to the wind
Not losing to the snow nor to summer's heat
With a strong body
Not fettered by desire
By no means offending anyone
Always quietly smiling
Every day four bowls of brown rice
Miso and some vegetables to eat
In everything, count yourself last and put others before you
Watching and listening, and understanding
And never forgetting
In the shade of the woods of the pines of the fields, being in a little thatched hut
If there is a sick child to the east
Going and nursing over them
If there is a tired mother to the west
going and shouldering her sheaf of rice
If there is someone near death to the south
Going and saying there's no need to be afraid
If there is a quarrel or a lawsuit to the north
Telling them to leave off with such waste
When there's drought, shedding tears of sympathy
When the summer's cold, wandering upset
Called a nobody by everyone
Without being praised
Without being blamed
Such a person
I want to become

Noro Daisuke: 考えて考えて決められた予算の中でできうる限り\最大最高の仕事をしろ常に 己に問え自分の仕事だと胸を張れるものを世の中に\送り出せているのか Think it over and over, and with the decided budget, do the absolute best work you possibly can. Always ask yourself, 'Can you be proud that this is your work, and send it out into the world?
Kurosawa Kokoro: 胸を張れるものを世の中に Send your prided work into the world.

Episode 06

Kurosawa Kokoro: とにかく今はベストを尽くしましょう In any case, just work to the best of your ability now.

Yasui Noboru as Prisoner Editor: 仕事は夢を託すものではない Work isn't something to dream about.

Kurosawa Kokoro: 編集者と漫画家の出会いは運命みたいなものだって An encounter between an editor and a manga artist, is something like fate.
Koizumi Jun: 運命 Fate?
Kurosawa Kokoro: 星の数ほど人がいる中で出会ったからには全力で相手のことを思うそして 全力で相手の思いに応えるそうやって\緒にやっていくんです From the moment you meet among the constellation of people, you think about the other person with all your power, and then answer to their feelings with all your power. That's how they can go on together.

Mikurayama Ryu: For what purpose do you work?

Yasui Noboru as Prisoner Editor: Strictly following deadlines, and maintaining quality in their own way... that's all I ask of the artist since manga is a product.

Yasui Noboru: 理想」だけで仕事ができる人はこの世にどれだけいるのだろういい作品をつくることだけに向き合えるのならどれだけ 幸せだろう I wonder how many people in the world can work on 'ideals' alone? Simply aiming to create a good work... How happy would that make me?

Episode 07

Nakata Haku: Even if it's a joke, I think it's better not to say things you don't mean.

Nakata Haku: When you say a bad thought, the same thing happens; it's like you're being cursed by your own words.

Episode 08

Kurosawa Kokoro: A battle, everything is one, huh?

Otsuka Sho, also known as Otsuka Shoot: There are only good guys in my manga, that's not a lie. Even people you don't like at the start, when you keep looking, their good points come out. Everyone has their own tastes, but they're all good people.

Wada Yasuki: Things have kept changing, and now it's full of things I have no clue what to do about. But we can't go back to that time. Here and now, we have to go on living, don't we?

Episode 09

Kurosawa Kokoro: But in love, isn't it not about reason? If you feel like you're in love, even if you know it's wrong, don't you sometimes want to run without thinking?

Iokibe Kei: Weighing up the time I've lived so far... successes and failures, I wonder which one I have more of.
Iokibe Kei: "When you do good deeds, you can earn more luck." The reason I stand by such a fairy tale is because I want to tilt the scale. So that I can choose the right path. So that I can have luck on my side, at least a little.

Episode 10

Yasui Noboru: A manga artist who can't manage himself is no good. There's little to gain from depending only on his skill, which means it has no worth as goods.

Nakata Haku: To make everyone happy... is impossible.