10 October 2014

잉여공주 Surplus Princess Quotes

Title: 잉여공주 Ingyeo Gongjoo
English Title:
  • The Mermaid
  • Mermaid Princess
  • Surplus Mermaid
  • Surplus Princess

Episode 01: 개천에서 인어난다 (Mermaid from the Stream)

Episode 02: 원수는 한강다리 밑에서 만난다 (You'll Meet Your Worst Enemy at the Han River Bridge)

Episode 03: 아닌 밤중에 진정한 사랑 (True Love During a Random Night)

Aileen, also known as Kim Ha Ni: Everyone has their own definition of love. For someone, love is something you let go, even if it’s painful. Someone else gives up on love in order to get a love with better qualifications. Sometimes it begins with a misunderstanding, and to someone else it’s the reason to keep living. And to someone else, it becomes a puzzle that needs to be solved. But for anyone, love is a feel-good fluttering feeling, and hope. And love brings a shining smile to anybody.

Episode 04: 잉여도 밟으면 꿈틀한다 (Don't Step on a Mermaid's Dreams)

Do Ji Yong: Contacts are still the best way to get a job.

Episode 05: 공든 자소설 무너지랴 (Hard Work Is Never Wasted)

Do Ji Yong: I didn't lie. I just predicted what is going to happen.

Episode 06: 하늘이 무너져도 솟아날 구멍은 없다 (It's the End of the World)

Ahn Hye Young: Surplus means leftover resources. A surplus human is a pitiful existence who has no job to use his abilities on.

Episode 07: 아니 땐 심장이 두근대랴 (The Heart Pounds for a Reason)

Episode 08: 실패는 잉여의 어머니 (Failure Breeds Surplus)

Lee Sun Kyu: Leave if you want to. Stay if you want to. Do the musical if you want to. Sing if you want to. Anyone can do what he wants...
Lee Sun Kyu: Whatver you do, you're family. Do what you want.

Episode 09: 오르지 못할 나무 쳐다볼 순 있다 (You Can at Least Shoot for the Stars)

Episode 10: 물거품 무서워 사랑 못하랴! (Love Like You've Never Been Hurt)