06 October 2014

기분 좋은 날 Glorious Day

Title: 기분 좋은 날 Giboon Joheun Nal
English Title:
  • Feel Good Day
  • Glorious Day
  • Good Day
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Year: 2014
Episode: 44
  • 박세영 Park Se Young
  • 이상우 Lee Sang Woo
  • 김형규 Kim Hyung Kyu
  • 김미숙 Kim Mi Sook
  • 황우슬혜 Hwang Woo Seul Hye
  • 고우리 Go Woo Ri
  • 안기영 Ahn Gi Young
  • 곽시양 Kwak Shi Yang
  • 이홍빈 Lee Hong Bin (홍빈 Hong Bin)
  • 최불암 Choi Bool Am
  • 나문희 Na Moon Hee
  • 강석우 Kang Suk Woo
  • 이미영 Lee Mi Young
  • 손창민 Son Chang Min
  • 정만식 Jung Man Shik

Writer Han Song Jung has just released her first book and it became an instant bestseller. She didn't know that her publisher is manipulating her book's sales because the company is having some financial difficulties.

Song Jung raised her three daughters on her own since her husband died while she was pregnant with her youngest daughter. In reality, Song Jung just divorced her husband and she lied to her daughters about their father's death.

Second daughter Jung Da Jung just started work as a nutritionist in a middle high school. When Da Jung's family circumstances lead to their eviction from their rented apartment, her mother's childhood friend Seo Min Shik and his in-laws agreed to lease their house to Da Jung's family for one month to give them time to look for appropriate lodgings.

Da Jung is reluctant to move to the said house because of her recent run-ins with the landlord's sons; eldest son Seo Jae Woo has witnessed Da Jung in trouble and saved her countless of times, and she coincidentally met younger son Seo In Woo when he thought Da Jung was his blind date.

Jae Woo develops romantic feelings for Da Jung as they spend time together now that they are neighbors and they have similar hobbies. Although Da Jung initially liked In Woo, she fell in love with Jae Woo and they started dating.

Da Jung asked Jae Woo to keep their relationship a secret for the meantime, especially from their families. Jae Woo hates lying but agrees to wait until Da Jung is ready to formally announce  that they are together.

The eldest daughter Jung Da Ae works as a pharmacist. She is in a relationship with Kang Hyun Bin, who is around he same age as her mother. Song Jung is withholding her permission for Da Ae to get married because she doesn't like that her boyfriend is a divorcee and has a son who is in middle school.

Youngest daughter Han Da In is a photography major in college. She hired Jung Hee Joo as her assistant, who agreed to work for free in exchange for home-cooked meals. Hee Joo is surprisingly overprotective of Da In, and he is suspicious of model Yoo Ji Hoo's intentions towards Da In.

Glorious Day is about family, particularly about how abundance of wealth is not necessary when it comes to raising children of good moral character. I really commend single mother Han Song Jung for raising three kind and accomplished daughters.

The drama talks about how it is a miracle that someone you love in a romantic way would love you back in the same way. I suppose it can be considered as such given that there are a lot of things left to chance or luck, such as meeting that special someone, and getting the timing right in developing feelings with each other.

Seo Jae Woo: In the book The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, it is written there that 'It's a miracle when a person that you like likes you back'... I didn't know anything even after reading lines like that. I began to realize while growing up that it's not easy for someone I like to like me back.

The Little Prince is one of my favorite books of all time and I've memorized a lot of its lines, including possible interpretations of said lines, but I can't really remember this particular line that Jae Woo quoted in the drama. I'm planning to reread the book's English translation and also read it in the original French to see if I have missed something.

Anyway, I really like Han Da In's opinion about sacrificing one's happiness for the sake of your loved one. Although it's important to compromise at times, I don't think it's good for the relationship if you always give in to the other person, and if you always sacrifice your own happiness for what you think is his happiness.

Han Da In: Giving up and sacrificing the happiness you can grow is love?
Han Da In: If you sacrifice too much in a relationship, the other person feels sorry. If he feels sorry, he feels burdened and that becomes uncomfortable. If he feels uncomfortable, you two will break up in the end.

기분 좋은 날 Glorious Day