09 November 2013

就是要你愛上我 Just You

Title: 就是要你愛上我 Jiùshì Yào Nǐ Ài Shàng Wǒ
English Title:
  • Just You
  • Just Want You to Love Me
Country: Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Year: 2013
  • 炎亞綸 Yán Yà Lún (Aaron Yan)
  • 郭雪芙 Guō Xuě Fú (Puff Guo)
  • 藤岡靛 Téng Gāng Diàn (藤岡竜雄 Fujioka Tatsuo) (ディーン・フジオカ Dean Fujioka)
  • 王凱蒂 Wáng Kǎi Dì (Katherine Wang)
  • 唐振剛 Táng Zhèn Gāng
  • 柯雅馨 Kē Yǎ Xīn
  • 曾允柔 Céng Yǔn Róu
  • 許豪恩 Xǔ Háo Ēn (David Tsu)
  • 阿喜 Ā Xǐ

黃鴻升 Huáng Hóng Shēng, 卓文萱 Zhuó Wén Xuān - 心愛的 Xīn'ài De (Beloved)
Qi Yi is a control freak and he is extremely difficult to please. He came back to Taiwan and bought his old house where he has a lot of memories with his parents.

Cheng Liang Liang is renting Qi Yi's old house and she is not inclined to move out because she still has three months left on her lease contract.

The company where Liang Liang works is also coincidentally bought by Qi Yi. He implements a 'no dating' policy at work, which is not well-received by Liang Liang and her colleagues. Liang Liang, together with her friends, plan to exact revenge against the dictatorial boss by making him fall in love with Liang Liang.

Just You has a nonsensical plot and caricature-like characters. However, the drama is actually quite entertaining if you try to accept the drama's plot at face value. It's probably because given that the plot calls for the lead characters to be housemates and work colleagues, they are almost always together in most, if not all, scenes.

I really can't get behind the drama's premise really. I have never heard of a company that has a 'no dating' policy but if it is legal for a company to implement such a policy, then there's nothing wrong with it.

I don't understand why Cheng Liang Liang and her colleagues are staying in a company where they don't wish to follow the company regulations. If the employees are really unhappy with the company's policy, they could try to facilitate discussions with their boss and perhaps he will change the policy for their sake. Or if that is not feasible, then the employees can just try to either look for jobs elsewhere or put up their own company and set their own work policies.

So I don't really get the whole revenge plan of making the boss Qi Yi fall in love with Liang Liang, because well, it is a very stupid plan. It just doesn't make sense, really.

I hate that the light drama suddenly did a 180-degree turn and went all serious in the later episodes, mainly because the plot does not really warrant any weighty considerations and the lead actors do not really have the talent to carry dramatic scenes.

Taiwanese dramas generally end with a wedding, usually that of the lead characters. In this production though, two other couples got married: Qi Yi's parents and Cheng Liang Liang's best friend Liang Kate to their colleague Alex. What's really weird though is that the two couples had a double wedding ceremony when it didn't seem that they even knew each other and didn't even have any interaction whatsoever throughout the drama's time frame.

Just You does not really meet my preferences of logical plots and realistic characters, but I still found it quite entertaining. Mind you, I probably enjoyed watching it because I have no expectations of the drama whatsoever.

就是要你愛上我 Just You