18 September 2012

リッチマン、プアウーマン Rich Man, Poor Woman Quotes

Title: リッチマン、プアウーマン Ritchi Man, Puaū Man (Rich Man, Poor Woman)
English Title: Rich Man, Poor Woman

Episode 01

Hyuga Toru: I see. We live in an era where graduates from illustrious universities are not rewarded. Do you have any fundamental flaw? (to everyone) Those who haven't had any job offers, please go. This session is set according to such criterion. You've been scrutinized by various companies for eight months so at this point, those who have passed through that tedious selection process by other companies are suitable for our company. Only those who have been accepted by more than two companies will be considered to join our company... She is the living example of the failure of the Japanese educational system. Or rather, a victim. She has been studying as she was told yet she's become a redundant person.
Natsui Makoto: ... Before coming here, I studied your company in every detail because I sincerely want to join your company. You're right, no one hired me. But just because other companies did not select me does not mean that I am also useless to your company. You think 'excellence' is in interesting application forms? Or that someone who looks good in group discussions has skills? Of course, communication skills are indispensable but do you want to only be surrounded by people with those characteristics?... You should look at each person carefully even if there are thousands of applicants.
Hyuga Toru: But even if I look at thousands of people, the result will be I will still pick the same people that have passed the selection process of other companies.

Hyuga Toru: What amazed people yesterday leaves them listless today. What was rare yesterday is taken for granted today.

Hyuga Toru: To you, nothing is impossible.

Episode 02

Asahina Yoko: ... but faith makes you stronger.

Fujikawa Masako: But I'll say this, real jobs aren't that easy... All the jobs in the world are difficult. Don't underestimate them.

Hyuga Toru: Typical of her, she thinks effort and guts will achieve anything.
Asahina Kosuke: People who have only effort and guts have no other option.

Episode 03

Toru Hyuga: If you want to give up, do it quickly.

Sawako Chihiro: Whether I want to to meet him or not is not the question. I have decided I wouldn't meet him.

Asahina Yoko: What do you make of coincidences and destiny?
Asahina Yoko: ... Don't you think it's a fact that these chance meetings mean we were meant for each other? It makes me think he is the right one, and I'm in the process of assessing if I'm right.

Episode 04

Asahina Yoko: I hate to have idle time... More than anything, I want to use time efficiently.

Episode 05

Natsui Makoto, also known as Sawaki Chihiro: If you start something new, it has to meet failure, it has to be criticized. When that happens, that is where the creation process starts.

Episode 06

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Episode 08

Asahina Yoko: I'll do it, because it's my job.

Episode 09

Asahina Kosuke: If we pursue only ideals, nothing gets done.

Natsui Makoto, also known as Sawaki Chihiro: There are few people who do only what they like to earn their money. Most people don't really know what they're doing, but still they enter university, then they enter a company, and do something within their capabilities, then they reflect and think "maybe this is the work I really want to do"...

Toru Hyuga: Money is the most important; we'll do any job for it but we won't sell our soul.

Episode 10

Episode 11