10 January 2012

Pan Am Quotes

Title: Pan Am

Season 01

Kate Cameron: Laura, you need to decide right now because this is your life. What do you want to do with it?
-- S01E01 Pilot

Ted Vanderway: See that table over there? That is natural selection at work, my friend. They don't know that they're a new breed of woman. They just had a natural impulse to take flight.
-- S01E01 Pilot

Miss Havemeyer: You're next, Miss Ryan.
Maggie Ryan: Oh, please. After you.
Miss Havemeyer: Pardon me?
Maggie Ryan: Well, I think we'd all like to know what you're weighing in at these days. I assume that if there's an ideal weight for serving drinks, then surely there's an ideal weight for looking down one's nose.
-- S01E06 The Genuine Article

Sanjeev: In case you do get curious, let me tell you something. When it comes to women...
Ted Vanderway: Listen up, folks. Sanjeev's sharing pearls.
Dean Lowrey: Yeah, I'm taking notes.
Sanjeev: There's always a friend who knows. Always.
Ted Vanderway: So if a dame left you without a word; no 'it was fun', no 'we'll always have Paris', you'd go searching for her?
Sanjeev: I didn't say that. Hell, no.
Ted Vanderway: There you go.
Sanjeev: That is, unless she was the love of my life.
-- S01E02 We'll Always Have Paris

Maggie Ryan: Whenever I have to do something I really don't want to, I pretend I'm playing a role, like an actress in a movie.
-- S01E06 The Genuine Article

Niko Lonza: I honestly can't tell. Are you just a silly naive girl or just a master liar?
Kate Cameron: Both. I'm both.
-- S01E07 Truth or Dare

Maggie Ryan: How did Hemingway describe fear, Mr. Ortiz? Was it grace under pressure? Oh no, I'm sorry. That's how he described courage. So, while she takes care of the men with the guns, why don't you sit down and I'll make you a nice cup of tea?
-- S01E08 Unscheduled Departure

Dean Lowrey: I thought you'd be gone. And by thought I mean hoped.
-- S01E10 Secrets and Lies

Dean Lowrey: So everything... everything I didn't understand is because you were a spy and I was in the dark?
Bridget Pierce: Not everything. Women are a conundrum, even when they aren't spies.
-- -- S01E11 Diplomatic Relations

Maggie Ryan: I didn't realize having principles made me simple. Thank you for the education.
-- S01E11 Diplomatic Relations

Richard Parks: The key to pick pocketing for a woman is not to do it like a man. For a woman, it's all about distraction; touch, kiss... the foreplay before the lift. Make men fantasize so their minds are elsewhere. In other words, seduce them.
-- S01E12 New Frontiers

Dean Lowrey: Why are the crazy girls always the most fun?
Ted Vanderway: Let's get something straight. They're all crazy. All you can do is choose a degree on the crazy-o-meter.
-- S01E13 Romance Languages

Kate Cameron: There's something to be said for practicality, but being a modern woman isn't about losing your virginity.
-- S01E13 Romance Languages

Roger Anderson: She's a spy!
Kate Cameron: I hate to break it to you. We're all spies.
-- S01E14 1964

Dean Lowrey: Goodbye 1963!
Maggie Ryan: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
Laura Cameron: I loved every minute of it.
-- S01E14 1964