20 June 2016

99.9 刑事専門弁護士 99.9 Keiji Senmon Bengoshi Quotes

  • 99.9
  • 99.9 刑事専門弁護士 99.9 Keiji Senmon Bengoshi
English Title:
  • 99.9
  • 99.9 Criminal Lawyers

Episode 01

Miyama Hiroto: You know, about the truth, if there are 100 people, there are 100 versions. But the truth of what happened, is just one.

Episode 02

Madarame Haruhiko: However, even if you pass (the ball) backwards, the ball continues to move forward.

Madarame Haruhiko: Even if you throw backwards, you can advance, right?

Miyama Hiroto: As expected, to do things carefully is important.

Yamashita Kazuki: You can't erase your past.

Sada Atsuhiro: The past can't be erased.

Episode 03

Sada Atsuhiro: Don't do anything unnecessary.

Madarame Haruhiko: I wonder if there isn't an established answer about what's beneficial.

Episode 04

Miyama Hiroto: However, a settlement out of court implies that you admit the crime.

Sada Atsuhiro: Finishing something relaxes one's mind. I really get that.

Sada Atsuhiro: Limit yourself to what should be done.

Sada Atsuhiro: You have to value talented people properly.

Episode 05

Miyama Hiroto: I don't change whether he's there or not.

Episode 06

Sada Atsuhiro: I'm not interested in "What if".

Madarame Haruhiko: Even though some things for us are quite small, these things can greatly influence somebody else's life.

Miyama Hiroto: Sometimes unrelated things are actually related.

Sada Atsuhiro: A lie won't become the truth. Once you've lied, it will definitely follow you, It will definitely come back to you.

Episode 07

Kawamura Hideki: "The main point to achieve victory, it's confidence." (Take Yuraka)

Madarame Haruhiko: ... even if what you have in your hands now disappears, only the future remains.

Episode 08

Episode 09

Yamashiro Satsuki: What is all of that? There is no proof of that, right?

Episode 10

Miyama Hiroto: As expected, to do things carefully is important.