22 June 2014

弱くても勝てます Yowakute mo Katemasu

  • 弱くても勝てます Yowakute mo Katemasu
  • 弱くても勝てます〜青志先生とへっぽこ高校球児の野望〜 Yowakutemo Katemasu ~Aoshi-sensei to Heppoko Kōkō Kyūji no Yabō~
English Title:
  • Even the Weak Can Win
  • Even If We're Weak, We Can Win
  • Even If We're Weak, We Can Win ~The Ambitions of Teacher Aoshi and The Clumsy Baseball Loving High School Students~
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2014
Episode: 11
  • 二宮和也 Ninomiya Kazunari
  • 福士蒼汰 Fukushi Sota
  • 本郷奏多 Hongo Kanata
  • 中島裕翔 Nakajima Yuto
  • 有村架純 Arimura Kasumi
  • 麻生久美子 Aso Kumiko
  • 山﨑賢人 Yamazaki Kento
  • 間宮祥太朗 Mamiya Shotaro
  • 桜田通 Sakurada Dori
  • 鈴木勝大 Suzuki Katsuhiro
  • 平岡拓真 Hiraoka Takuma
  • 柳俊太郎 Yanagi Shuntaro
  • 阿久津愼太郎 Akutsu Shintaro
  • 荒川良々 Arakawa Yoshiyoshi
  • 笹野高史 Sasano Takashi
  • 市川海老蔵 Ichikawa Ebizo
  • 川原和久 Kawahara Kazuhisa
  • 薬師丸ひろ子 Yakushimaru Hiroko

嵐 - ガッツ! Gattsu! (Guts!)
Tamo Aoshi graduated from Tokyo University and after getting his college degree, he stayed at the university to work in a research laboratory. However, unforeseen circumstances led to his unemployment for at least one year.

Aoshi goes back to his old high school Odawara Jōtoku to teach sciences as a favor to the current high school principal and his former teacher. Aside from being a science teacher, he is also assigned to become a homeroom teacher.

The high school has a baseball club full of several students who are enthusiastic about baseball but are unfortunately untrained and unskilled in the sport. Aoshi is recruited to be the club's manager, and Aoshi reluctantly assumes the post.

Yowakute mo Katemasu is a great drama about finding success against all odds. It's about a high school baseball club who is passionate about baseball and a team manager who guides them to play baseball in their own unique way.

At first I was confused why the Odawara Jōtoku baseball club is emphasizing the fact that they are weak at baseball, and why they are insisting that they can win at games against much stronger teams even if they are weak. It seems strange to play up their weaknesses, and to continue to remain weak and to expect to become successful at it.

But when you think about it, there are some things about us that we cannot really change, and we have to work around these things. We all want to think that we can always improve ourselves and maybe even manage to do away with our shortcomings, but there will always be limitations.

In addition, it's fine if we are good at what we love and we are bad at what we hate; in that case, it's okay to keep doing what we love because we are also good at it. But what if we are unfortunately less than average at what we love to do? What if being weak at something you love is something you just have to deal with?

I can sort of understand this predicament because while I love to sing and dance, I'm not exactly talented in dancing and I can't really sing to save my life. I suppose I can spend more time practicing to get better at it, and I can look for songs that are easy to sing or something, but I think nothing will ever change the fact that I'm tone deaf, unfortunately.

Anyway, I also agree with baseball manager Tamo Aoshi that almost everything in life is relative. Even if the Jōtoku baseball team spends a lot of time practicing, much stronger teams may also spend at least the same amount of time doing the same. In the end, although the Jōtoku baseball team have become stronger, they may still be more or less weaker compared to other baseball teams.

I was disappointed that the Jōtoku baseball team only won once, because their win can still be construed as based on luck even if they competed against a much stronger team. I think it would have been better if the baseball club won in a couple of games to provide substantial evidence for Aoshi's premise that the weak can still win.

弱くても勝てます Yowakute mo Katemasu