15 March 2014

미미 Mi Mi

Title: 미미 Mi Mi
English Title: Mi Mi
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Year: 2014
Episode: 04
  • 심창민 Shim Chang Min (최강창민 Choi Kang Chang Min)
  • 문가영 Moon Ga Young
  • 신현빈 Shin Hyun Bin

에스엠 더 발라드 SM The Ballad - 숨소리 Sumsoli (Breathe)
Han Min Woo is 28 years old and he is successful in his career; he writes and draws webtoons that are quite popular. He is currently working on a webtoon loosely based from his dreams and an old calendar.

Min Woo found an old calendar with several entries written in his handwriting, but there are no records after 08 December 2003. When he tries to remember what happened in his life around that time, his head hurts and he keeps vomiting.

He always senses that someone is near him but he couldn't see and hear anything. Mi Mi follows Min Woo around, and she fondly calls him Mr. M.

Mi Mi is essentially about first love; how sweet it is as it happens, and how it is poignant in retrospect in some cases.

The drama is quite short with only just four episodes, but I think it would have been better if it was further reduced to just one to two episodes. Although it was beautifully shot, the pacing was painfully slow at times.

There were also numerous repetitions of several scenes that are supposed to emphasize some important point, but the countless reiterations are actually unnecessary, and unfortunately quite ineffective.

I adore Mi Mi as a character because she's so optimistic, and she wears her heart on her sleeves. I particularly admire her selflessness.

Mi Mi: Love as much as you can while you are alive. After you die, it's like this; you can't go anywhere together, you can't touch, and you can't confess. So when you are alive, love as much as you can. Go to places where you want to go. Eat whatever you want to eat. If you love someone, until your lips wear out, tell him that you love him.

Mi Mi is charmingly portrayed by Moon Ga Young, and I think she's a young actress that's going places. I'm quite impressed with her performance here that I'll try to check out her other acting projects.

Shim Chang Min is not the greatest actor, and he is admittedly awkward at times in the first episode, but he has improved quite a lot in the rest of the drama.

엠 M

미미 Mimi