21 March 2008

헬로! 애기씨 Hello! Miss

Title: 헬로! 애기씨 Hello! Aegissi
English Title:
  • Hello! Miss
  • Hello! My Lady
  • Hello! Baby
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Year: 2007
Episode: 16
  • 이다해 Lee Da Hae
  • 이지훈 Lee Ji Hoon
  • 하석진 Ha Seok Jin
  • 연미주 Yeon Mi Joo
  • 주종혁 Joo Jong Hyuk (라이언 Ryan)
  • 장영란 Jang Young Ran

크라잉 넛 Crying Nut - Funky Dance!!
Lee Su Ha is the sole recognized heir of the renowned Jae Ahn Lee clan and is the mistress of the ancestral manor Hwa Ahn Dang. Although she loves her extended family and her home, Su Ha struggles with her responsibilities to maintain the household.

One fateful day, Hwang Dong Gyu seeks out Su Ha and makes an offer on Hwa Ahn Dang property. Dong Gyu was instructed by his grandfather to acquire the property at all costs. His grandfather, who is the chairman of a top corporation, was a former servant of the Jae Ahn Lee clan.

Su Ha refuses to sell and Dong Gyu insists on buying. How will romance develop between two individuals on the opposite ends of the negotiating table?

미야 Mi Ya - Stay By My Side
Hello! Miss is the quintessential typical Korean drama, albeit with some modifications on the time-tested winning formula. So if you're looking for something original and different, this is not the drama for you.

In terms of characters, everyone is accounted for... The main leads are of course, the good guy Hwang Dong Gyu and the simple pure-hearted girl Lee Su Ha. The playboy Hwang Chan Min fights for the lead girl's attention but everyone knows his efforts are all in vain. The wacky best friend Oh Jung Sook provides the comedic entertainment and out to make the lead girl miserable is, of course, the liberated independent woman Su Hwa Ran.

But unlike most Korean dramas, it is the lead guy Dong Gyu who falls in love with the lead girl Su Ha first. It's refreshing to see a lead guy not caught up with some other girl who left him and who realizes belatedly that the one he truly loves is the person that he thought he hated.

It is also a novel concept that the lead girl Su Ha and the other guy Chang Min were never romantically involved. Although Chang Min is infatuated with Su Ha, it is obvious right from the start that Su Ha has no feelings for him.

The lack of a believable love triangle is what I like best in the drama: the love story is straightforward and pure, the romantic scenes innocent and subtle, the fact that the lead guy and the lead girl will certainly end up together too obvious right from the start. Perhaps this is the reason why some people found the drama boring -- it is too predictable and simple.

It's funny how Su Ha is supposed to have an illustrious background but lacks financial resources whereas Dong Gyu has a lowly family ancestry but he's the one with loads of money. This could have been a wonderful source of conflict for the couple but was actually just glossed over in the end.

This is one of my favorite Korean dramas and I wouldn't mind watching it over again. And I'm saying this even though I have watched a lot of romantic comedies prior to watching this drama.

Something about the drama appealed to me and although there are some parts of the drama that I didn't really like, I have fond memories of the drama overall. I attribute my enjoyment to the wonderful story between Dong Gyu and Su Ha as well as the charismatic portrayal of the actors behind the main characters. 

헬로! 애기씨 Hello! Miss