24 August 2014

연애 말고 결혼 Marriage Not Dating Quotes

Title: 연애 말고 결혼 Yeonae Malgo Gyeolhon
English Title:
  • Marriage Not Dating
  • Marriage Without Dating
  • Marriage Without Love

Episode 01: The Cool Way to Break Up

Narrator: The cool way to break up: (1) disappearing, (2) saying goodbye through a third party, (3) sending a text message "Thanks. Sorry. Be happy." which means...
Joo Jang Mi: The first statement is about the past; you are thankful for everything that has happened. The second statement is about the present; you are sorry but you still want to break up right now. The third statement is a command for the future; don't be so clingy from now on.

Joo Jang Mi: Now that I look at your face, I can understand. The love was one-sided. I was the only one in love; all by myself.

Episode 02: Widespread Advantageous Kindness: Maintaining Your Fish Pond (How to Manage People)

Gong Gi Tae: My mom will never approve (of us getting married); this is just her way of working people to get exactly what she wants. She remains polite but detached. She won't reject you but she won't accept you either.
Joo Jang Mi: Vague...
Gong Gi Tae: She will do as much as she can to make you give up and leave when you are exhausted. She'll maintain her good image and she won't be blamed for hurting anyone. That's how she deals with people; she's basically maintaining her fishpond.
Joo Kang Mi: Maintaining her fishpond? Isn't that about dating?
Gong Gi Tae: Dating has the same principles as basic human interaction. You should learn from my mom (about how to manage the people around you).

Gong Gi Tae: Always smile in front of everyone, and remember that players are terrible flirts 24/7... Think of all men as potential boyfriends... Don't let men fool you with their sweet words... Be generous with your compliments... The key word for keeping someone guessing is 'sometime'...
Gong Gi Tae: The point is being polite and kind for your benefit, rather than for others.

Gong Gi Tae: The way I see it, it seems you think you have to be kind to other people.
Joo Jang Mi: It's just easier to do it myself...
Gong Gi Tae: You're probably doing that to get other people's acknowledgment and love.
Joo Jang Mi: It seems like people's acknowledgment and love are nothing to you, but some people live for that. Those people who grew up much loved by their doting families would never understand.
Gong Gi Tae: Affectionate families have their issues too.
Joo Jang Mi: You're spoiled. You should be grateful that your family cares about you. How could you think about who that consideration is for? Being kind is good for me, and good for you; it is good for both of us. That's life.

Episode 03: Being Happy On Your Own, Actually... Surviving On Your Own

Joo Jang Mi: Smart people just complicate things.

Gong Gi Tae: Don't cross the line... That's your problem.
Gong Gi Tae: Your feelings are yours, and my feelings are mine. You shouldn't get worked up because they're different. Take care of your own emotions.

Joo Jang Mi: I just trust people.
Gong Gi Tae: It is not that you trust people, you just believe what you want to believe.
Gong Gi Tae: Being oblivious of reality is the greatest crime.

Gong Gi Tae: Stop obsessing about guys. Try to enjoy some time alone.
Gong Gi Tae: Spend some time alone. They say you can only be happy as a couple if you can be happy alone.

Gong Gi Tae: Listen, it's either on or off for guys. If he likes, he likes. If he doesn't like, he doesn't like... If you feel it's ambiguous, it's just off.

Episode 04: For Whom We Cook Pancakes

Joo Jang Mi: We decided we were going to end it, and I ended it for you. What more do you want from me?

Episode 05: Words that I Could Only Say to You

Episode 06: I Who Seems Alone, But Is Not Alone, But Looks Alone

Joo Jang Mi: I've been very patient because you two are old friends. If you keep bothering him and swaying his mom, I won't take it anymore!
Joo Jang Mi: Gong Gi Tae is my man.

Episode 07: Even Though It's Not Okay, It's Okay

Gong Gi Tae: I was really okay. I usually didn't waver for most things. I wasn't really afraid of anything either. There was no door that wouldn't open with my strength anywhere in the world, until I met that girl.

Gong Gi Tae: I am not okay. I can't leave her alone. I can never leave her alone!

Gong Gi Tae: Pasta is what you make when you can't cook but still want to make yourself look good.

Episode 08: Marry Me, If You Can

Shin Bong Hyang: Straighten your shoulders, tuck in your chin, and face the front properly.
Shin Bong Hyang: Style isn't determined by the clothing itself, but by the attitude of the person who's wearing it.
Shin Bong Hyang: What's more important than your size is your posture and your manner.

Episode 09: In A Faraway Place, One Night

Gong Gi Tae: It's my money! Why are you acting so nonchalant when it's not even your money?

Episode 10: You Must Not Be Found Out Even Until The Last Moment

Joo Jang Mi: We wanted to hear your true, honest feelings.
Shin Bong Hyang: What did you say?
Joo Jang Mi: That your marriage is different from the image presented in magazines.
Shin Bong Hyang: Shut your mouth. What do you know?!
Joo Jang Mi: That the truth is you are very hurt, and it was difficult.
Joo Jang Mi: That you don't want Gi Tae to go through the same marriage as yours, and that's why you're obsessing over a perfect marriage for Gi Tae.
Joo Jang Mi: I know how much you wish for Gi Tae's happiness, but if you really want Gi Tae to be happy, you need to be happy first. Not fake happiness to fool other people, but real happiness!
Joo Jang Mi: The person who made Gi Tae be alone and want to be alone is you, mother.

Episode 11: Confession (Go Back)

Episode 12: Will Sincerity Get Through?

Joo Jang Mi: Sincerity isn't understood. It hurts because it's not understood. Right?
Joo Jang Mi: If you think about it, everyone is sincere. We want to be happy and to be loved. We all truly want that, that's probably why it's so hard.

Episode 13: Don't Lean, and Don't Expect

Joo Jang Mi: I think I understand now why people try to be cool and detached; you know, not relying on anyone or expecting anything from anyone. It isn't because you want to be alone, but because life has to be lived on your own; you need to be able to survive even if you are left alone.
Joo Jang Mi: Now that I've woken up from my dream, I see the reality.

Gong Gi Tae: I've never been so at ease before... I didn't know not doing anything could be so productive.
Gong Gi Tae: I should work harder, more diligently; I should become more special, more perfect. More, more, more. I thought I'd get in deep trouble if I stopped, without pursuing more, but now that I've stopped, I realized it's nothing...
Gong Gi Tae: I guess that's why people should learn how to let go of what they have.
Kang Se Ah: It's not that you're afraid of going after it? You'd be embarrassed if you tried, and you couldn't.

Kang Se Ah: I also had plastic surgery, but there's a subtle difference. I got fixed because I love myself, but you did because no one loved you. You kept going on because you wanted to be someone else, and you ended up having a face of nobody.

Episode 14: Sorry for Not Being Cool, Thanks for Not Being Cool

Episode 15: Two Women Who Loved One Man

Joo Jang Mi: I'm not doing talking with your mom.
Gong Gi Tae: There's no more to talk about.
Joo Jang Mi: She'll understand if I tell her.
Gong Gi Tae: No, she can't. Actually, she won't. She'll never understand, and I don't need her to. If you can't understand each other, it's best to keep your distance.
Joo Jang Mi: (voiceover) What's he so scared of?

Han Yeo Reum: He's scared he won't be understood.
Joo Jang Mi: He said he didn't care, but he wanted her understanding more than anything.
Han Yeo Reum: Yeah. He cares about it so much that he doesn't want to care.

Gong Gi Tae: I only need you. This (being with you) feels so good. I'm so happy.
Joo Jang Mi: (voiceover) This would've sounded so sweet in the past. It sounds sad now. Will we be happy just by being together?

Joo Jang Mi: You must still love your husband.
Shin Bong Hyang: Love?
Joo Jang Mi: You're maintaining your marriage.
Shin Bong Hyang: That's all I have. My family's happiness is my happiness. My family's life is my life. If I deny that, my whole life would be meaningless. It was a hard life. If nothing were left, I'd feel so empty.
Joo Jang Mi: Gi Tae's the only person I have too, that's why I needed to work. I thought I would lose him if I only relied on him. I didn't want to be sad that he only cared this much about me when he was my whole life. I didn't want to torment him that way. I want to enjoy his company for a long, long time.
Shin Bong Hyang: But why are you doing this? Why do you try so hard to understand me, and to be understood by me?
Joo Jang Mi: You and I love the same man.

Joo Jang Mi: In order to be with someone, you need to be ready to accept his past and all his relationships.

Gong Gi Tae: What are you doing?
Shin Bong Hyang: I was drinking with Jang Mi. She actually has the same issue as me.
Gong Gi Tae: What do you mean?
Shin Bong Hyang: She'd do anything to be acknowledged by others.
Gong Gi Tae: Yeah, at first I liked her because she was so different from you, but I realize she's just like you, though her style is a bit different. Both won't mind their own business, or leave others alone, and torments them... Mom.

Episode 16: Nevertheless, Marriage

Joo Jang Mi: Life is full of unexpected surprises. The worst comes to you with the best.

Gong Gi Tae: You never know. If the worst marriage as far as you know works out, then we should trust in marriage too.

Joo Kyung Pyo: Guys get each other without words.
Gong Gi Tae: With women, annoyingly, you need to tell them.
Joo Kyung Pyo: Fools. Actions are harder than words.
Gong Gi Tae: But I'm grateful, in a way. Actions are hard, but words are easy. I just have to say a few words, then it's all good. Aren't you grateful for that?

Gong Gi Tae: Something ordinary (nothing special) is special. You think spending special occasions together like my parents is special? Spending everyday life together is so special.

Gong Gi Tae: What I'm saying is, you cannot and will not be sure about marriage but I want to marry you nevertheless.
Gong Gi Tae: There's no such thing as eternal love, nevertheless, I want to love you forever.
Joo Jang Mi: Okay. You can't trust men, nevertheless, I want to trust you.