09 July 2014

キャビンアテンダント Cabin Attendant

Title: キャビンアテンダント Kyabin Atendanto (Cabin Attendant)
English Title:
  • The Cabin Attendant (Cabin Attendant)
  • The Cabin Attendant in New York
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2014
Episode: 01
  • 深田恭子 Fukada Kyoko
  • 佐々木希 Sasaki Nozomi
  • 要潤 Kaname Jun
  • 吹石一恵 Fukīshi Kazue
  • 瀧本美織 Takimoto Miori
  • すみれ Sumire
  • 水原希 Mizuhara Kiko
  • 高橋 メアリージュン Takahashi Mary Jun
  • 松島花 Matsushima Hana
  • 西山繭子 Nishiyama Mayuko
  • 国広富之 Kunihiro Tomiyuki
  • 鈴木亮平 Suzuki Ryohei
  • 鈴木一真 Suzuki Kazuma
  • ホラン千秋 Horan Chiaki
  • 水橋研二 Mizuhashi Kenji
  • 宝田明 Takarada Akira

Saito Miho is a cabin attendant for international flights with Japan Airlines. Although Miho is weak with alcohol, she has been entrusted with the important task of picking the wine that the airline company will serve to its passengers.

Miho is working on a flight to New York so she can taste a variety of wines from the area. Miho' s fellow flight attendants Hayami Tomoko and Watanabe Yui work on the same flight, and she asked them for help with her project as they are qualified sommeliers.

While exploring the various vineyards around the Hudson River, Miho and her colleagues meet Nakano Shigetoshi, and he helps them with their wine-tasting project. He is later found dead, and the cabin attendants are questioned by the police because of their recent interaction with the victim.

Cabin Attendant is a short drama with a mishmash of topics in focus; it is a drama about the profession of flight attendants, the cosmopolitan city of New York, and about wine and vineyards.

It would have been better if it narrowed down the focus to just one or two things. I think I just skimmed through the variety of topics available, instead of getting an in-depth presentation. Although watching the drama was a pleasant experience, it was forgettable in the end.

I think being a cabin attendant is interesting, particularly because one of the perks of the profession is travelling. It seems like such a good deal to get to travel all over the world in the course of doing one's job.

Anyway, I don't really travel with an itinerary of going to places where popular productions were filmed, but it seemed fun when Saito Miho, Hayami Tomoko, and Watanabe Yui did it in New York. I probably would consider doing the same activity when I travel although it's very likely that I won't go through with it.

Cabin Attendant has a murder mystery feature that was very disappointing, at the very least. Because of the forceful build-up to a specific development of the story, it felt as if I was led on a wild goose chase when the turn of events were quite the opposite of the logically expected outcome.

Nakano Shigetoshi's death was set up to be perceived as a murder, and Miho and her colleagues went all over New York City to look for potential suspects so they can prove their innocence, and there seemed to be several individuals with a strong motive to commit the crime, so it was a huge letdown to later find out that the businessman died of natural causes.

キャビンアテンダント Cabin Attendant