21 December 2016

逃げるは恥だが役に立つ Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu Quotes

Title: 逃げるは恥だが役に立つ Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu
English Title: We Married As A Job

Episode 01

Moriyama Mikuri: Something I keep in mind? Accuracy and speed. Above getting paid, I try to give the best performance I can within the time limit.

Moriyama Mikuri: But disputing over every little thing is troublesome, so this is fine.

Moriyama Mikuri: Of course, I have some complaints. Like, I wish he would say so earlier. Or why is every request so unreasonable? But I can work hard if I think that those complaints are paid for with the salary.

Moriyama Mikuri: The fact that I went to graduate school, I shouldn't have told them that. They treated me differently afterwards.

Moriyama Mikuri: Temporary workers don't know when they'll be cut. But when I think of being a full-time worker, I wonder if it's work I want to do, if I can do it my whole life, and stuff like that.

Moriyama Mikuri: I hadn't thought of or seen housework as a job. Nothing I learnt at university comes in handy... But I will enjoy it for what it is...

Kazami Ryota: なくても困らないものを\Nわざわざ買う? Would you go to the effort of buying something you could go without?

Tsuchiya Yuri: If I knew it'd turn out like this, I should've just gotten married without thinking too much. I think it's easier to live as divorced than unmarried. If you're alone at this age, people look for a reason and pry into your life.

Text: Why does she work eagerly?
Moriyama Mikuri: Even if no one is watching, even if I put in effort that won't be noticed, I think it's important to work hard despite that. That's what it means to be a professional. That's the way I work.

Moriyama Sakura: いつまでも あると思うな 親と家 Parents and a house, one seems to think that those things will always be there.

Tanaka Yasue, also known as Yassan: He's never once said the simple words 'thank you' before. He acts like I have to do it. Even so, I did nothing but look after him for 3 years. What was that for? If you work for 3 years you'd still have a career. But if a housewife of 3 years divorces, there's nothing left.

Tsuzaki Hiramasa: "Then instead, why not marry me?" What do you think those words mean?
Numata Yoritsuna: It sounds like a proposal, but that phrase "then instead", "actually that's not what I want, but I have no other choice" has a B minor nuance like that.

Tsuchiya Yuri: Whatever we might say, it sure is nice... That there's only one person for both of them.
Tsuchiya Yuri: Isn't it more lovely than a life where no one chooses you?

Moriyama Mikuri: I want someone... I want someone to pick me. (I want someone) saying "it's a good thing you're here". I want to be accepted. I wonder if that's a luxury?
Moriyama Mikuri: Everyone wants to be needed by someone, but it doesn't go well.

Moriyama Mikuri: Gradually giving up on various emotions... Laughing it off when you want to cry... That's how I might be living.

Episode 02

Numata Yoritsuna: I'd say have one. Marriage ceremonies are a 'coming out' so to speak. It's a rite in which you face society and proclaim, "We are getting married". Because they've announced it, they can't take it back easily. It creates resolution.
Moriyama Mikuri: If we turn it around, if we aren't holding a ceremony, we'll need to show that we're adequately resolved (about the marriage).

Moriyama Chigaya: You keep going on about the 'two of us'... It might be fine for you two, but ceremonies are done for the people around you, you know?

Tsuchiya Yuri: If that's what the two of you want, isn't it fine?
Tsuchiya Yuri: If you say it's only for those around you, there's no need to do it.

Moriyama Aoi: 結婚は始まってからが生活だからね The start of a marriage is the start of your new life, okay?

Tsuzaki Sohachi: For a man, having a household is to shoulder all the burden and take responsibility. I think you can do it.

Tsuzaki Hiramasa: In Hungary, they have a proverb that goes like this, "Running away is a shame, but it is helpful."

Tsuzaki Hiramasa: It's scary not knowing. So far, how many people have I hurt, and how deeply have I hurt them? Perhaps even Mikuri... After being hurt by my thoughtless words and actions... Maybe they hide the feelings that they want to say but can't.

Episode 03

Moriyama Mikuri: If it's not bad but it's not good either, it's hard to make a comment (about the dish).

Moriyama Mikuri: Isn't it okay? Everyone's different. I think it depends on the person, but... lately there are many people with good education, high income and decent looks (with no experience in romantic relationships). Those types of people might be very proud. Or, they don't want to initiate it themselves because it hurts to be rejected.
Moriyama Mikuri: As for one of my relatives, she has an old-fashioned side. She said she protected and protected herself, and then it had been 49 years. She had already missed the time to overcome it.

Moriyama Mikuri: If there's a problem, let's talk it over and resolve it.

Numata Yoritsuna: Kazami Ryota's handsome but he's a nice person.
Kazami Ryota: I'm not that handsome nor good of a person.
Moriyama Mikuri: See? A bad guy wouldn't say something like that, right?
Tsuchiya Yuri: Isn't he more and more suspicious?
Kazami Ryota: It doesn't matter what I say, huh?

Episode 04

Tsuzaki Hiramasa: Even if it's only a small sum, "dust accumulates to a mountain".

Kazami Ryota: Who decided what normal is?

Umehara Natsuki: Have you ever totally loved a guy, and seriously, desperately pursued them?
Tsuchiya Yuri: Some people just aren't good at that sort of thing...
Umehara Natsuki: That's no good! If you love them, just go. Think about it after you go. Even if it's uncool, isn't it okay to just go?

Moriyama Mikuri: 'Jison kanjō' or self-esteem, the sense of being able to think you have worth. People with high self-esteem are more aware of their successful experiences and affirm themselves more. People with low self-esteem are more aware of their failed experiences and deny themselves more.

Episode 05

Tsuzaki Hiramasa: Is being a lover something you try to become?
Moriyama Mikuri: I don't think there's anything you can't do.

Episode 06

Tsuchiya Yuri: Unexpected things happening is what life is.

Numata Yoritsuna: Half of work is doing it because you have no choice.
Tsuchiya Yuri: And the other half?
Numata Yoritsuna: You want to go home.

Tsuchiya Yuri: Even at this age, I don't understand people's feelings.
Kazami Ryota: I don't really understand it myself... Even at this age, I don't understand my own feelings.

Kazami Ryota: I wonder... what I'm looking for.

Episode 07

Tanaka Yasue: "If you do this, if you do that," it's your own deal when you do it yourself, but if someone else tells you that, it's annoying.

Episode 08

Moriyama Sakura: I was fooled.
Moriyama Tochio: I didn't fool you! You were just mistaken on your own.

Moriyama Chigaya: If you aren't happy yourself, you can't make others happy.

Episode 09

Igarashi Anna: Want to go for a drink tonight?
Kazami Ryota: You're straightforward.
Igarashi Anna: I'm interested in you.
Kazami Ryota: You don't consider that I'm not interested in you?
Igarashi Anna: Then, why you aren't interested, let me hear it over a drink, whenever you're free.

Tsuchiya Yuri: Don't you think it's impossible for any person to know every thing deeply? Someone doesn't know what someone else knows. Maybe that's how the world works.
Kazami Ryota: And sometimes we teach each other about worlds we don't know.

Episode 10

Moriyama Mikuri: Hiramasa, you can do a lot of things if you try, can't you?

Tsuzaki Hiramasa: I can do things I thought I couldn't.

Episode 11

?: It's your job, right? If you're getting paid, then do it properly!

Numata Yoritsuna: Sometimes what's natural isn't what's natural.