19 December 2016

IQ246 華麗なる事件簿 Karei Naru Jiken-bo Quotes

  • IQ246
  • IQ246 華麗なる事件簿 Karei Naru Jiken-bo
English Title:
  • IQ246
  • IQ246: Magnificent Case Files
  • IQ246: The Cases of a Royal Genius

IQ246 華麗なる事件簿 Karei Naru Jiken-bo Review

Episode 01

Hōmonji Sharaku: Those who cannot use their minds should use their bodies.

Hōmonji Sharaku: The truth is sometimes harsh. Are you prepared to face that?

Episode 02

Maekawa Kohei: You don't understand because you're not trying to understand.

Hōmonji Hitomi: Of course, I'm serious.

Watō Sōko: Genius Hōmonji Sharaku, could you perhaps explain in a way that someone ordinary like me would understand?

Episode 03

Hōmonji Sharaku: There is no reason to apologize when I have done nothing wrong.

Hōmonji Sharaku: It's his life; he should do as he likes.

? Kensei: You've never been in love, so you wouldn't understand.

? Kensei: There are things money can't buy. I thought you understood that back then.

? Kensei: The most convincing way to fool an enemy is to fool a friend.

Episode 04

Episode 05

Hōmonji Sharaku: Human psychology is truly complex. And unconsciously, it speaks volumes.

? Kensei: There is meaning in all he says and does.

? Kensei: "When something seems strange, that is where the truth lurks."

Episode 06

Episode 07

Episode 08

? Kensei: No matter what happens, I still have my work to do.

Hōmonji Sharaku: No matter how much evidence is accumulated, that is not the path to the truth. Fingerprints and DNA are certainly evidence, but the conclusion they point to is not necessarily true.
Wato Sōko: So that means...
Hōmonji Sharaku: Think. Use your head. To find the truth of the evidence, you also need reasoning. (You need to) make deductions. In other words, only with reasoning will you ever reach the truth.

Hōmonji Sharaku: Why do all of you see but not observe? There is a big difference between seeing and truly observing.

Hōmonji Sharaku: Humans can only measure others against themselves.

? Kensei: Do you know what's most important for guerilla warfare? ... It's shoes.

Hōmonji Sharaku: When something does not fit, that is the path to the truth.

Episode 09

Hōmonji Sharaku: Things are not always as they appear.

Wato Sōko: Suicide is the worst thing you can do.
Hōmonji Sharaku: Why?
Wato Sōko: If you think of the sadness of the people left behind, however much you're suffering, you should never end your own life.
Hōmonji Sharaku: The French mathematician Pierre-Simon Laplace said, "The position of all substances is decided now, in this moment." That is to say, the future is only the physical consequence of that. The future is already being determined. If despair remains, that life will end...
Wato Sōko: That's wrong. It's wrong, it's wrong, it's wrong! Even if you say I don't understand, I believe that! Whether your IQ is high or low, right is right, wrong is wrong! This life your father and mother gave you is the only one you have. Throwing it away is wrong. Killing someone else is wrong, too!

Hōmonji Sharaku: You should not have involved other other people.

Episode 10