19 December 2016

IQ246 華麗なる事件簿 Karei Naru Jiken-bo

  • IQ246
  • IQ246 華麗なる事件簿 Karei Naru Jiken-bo
English Title:
  • IQ246
  • IQ246: Magnificent Case Files
  • IQ246: The Cases of a Royal Genius
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2016
Episode: 10
  • 織田裕二 Oda Yuji
  • 藤岡靛 Téng Gāng Diàn (藤岡竜雄 Fujioka Tatsuo) (ディーン・フジオカ Dean Fujioka)
  • 土屋太鳳 Tsuchiya Tao
  • 中谷美紀 Nakatani Miki
  • 新川優愛 Shinkawa Yua
  • 寺島進 Terajima Susumu
  • 宮尾俊太郎 Miyao Shuntaro
  • 真飛聖 Matobu Sei
  • 矢野聖人 Yano Masato
  • 篠井英介 Sasai Eisuke
  • 佐伯新 Saeki Arata

Hōmonji Sharaku is an aristocrat with an IQ of 246. He comes from an intellectual family whose first-born male child always inherits the exceptionally high IQ of 246.

Sharaku solves problems easily, and he often finds himself with a lot of time with nothing to do. He usually goes out to look for challenging cases to solve...

IQ246 is an interesting drama about crimes that could have been perfectly executed, except an aristocrat with a high IQ kept figuring things out and incidentally helps the police to catch the criminals they wouldn't be able to catch otherwise because of their incompetence.

It is necessary to accept a few preposterous propositions if you want to get through the drama, such as (1) the police are quite stupid, and (2) civilians can go to crime scenes and interview potential suspects. If you don't, I'm afraid the drama won't make any sense.

I like the discussion on how people can only measure other people against themselves. I think, in a way, it means how people see other people and how people interpret other people's actions is more of a reflection of their own selves.

Hōmonji Sharaku: Humans can only measure others against themselves.
-- E08

IQ246 華麗なる事件簿 Karei Naru Jiken-bo