25 December 2016

コールドケース Cold Case Quotes

  • コールドケース Kōrudo Kēsu
  • コールドケース 真実の扉 Kōrudo Kēsu Shinjitsu no Tobira
English Title:
  • Cold Case
  • Cold Case Door to the Truth

Episode 01: Confined Voice

Ishikawa Yuri: As time passes, circumstances and people change...

Morinaga Kensho: Why bring up again this incident from 20 years? What's the point of it?
Ishikawa Yuri: Because it shouldn't be forgotten. We shouldn't put a lid on the truth for someone else's convenience.

Episode 02: Memory

Takagi Shinjiro: We're trying to help you.
Higa Hitomi: What for?
Ishikawa Yuri: To bring your memory back.
Higa Hitomi: Like I said, what for?

Episode 03: False Accusation

Takagi Shinjiro: When you love someone, you only want to see the good things about that person. There's that sort of thing too, right?

Episode 04: Orion

Episode 05: Pool

Douguchi Ryo: In any game, like in politics or business, the ultimate strategy is not having one at all, or rather, not to show it.

Episode 06: Love Letter

Ishikawa Yuri: A crime will not go away just because it's a thing of the past.

Kaneko Toru: Wanting stuff to be thrilled about, it's proof of one's frustration.

Takagi Shinjiro: 'Anybody needs somebody', don't you think?

Episode 07: Classmates' Reunion

Episode 08: Millennium

Episode 09: The Promise

Episode 10: Black Forest

Akamatsu Eiji: We see things even when it seems we don't.

Ishikawa Yuri: "We see things even when it seems we don't."