25 November 2016

1%의 어떤 것 1% of Anything Quotes

Title: 1%의 어떤 것 1% Ui Eotteon Geot
English Title:
  • 1% of Anything
  • 1% of Something
  • Something About 1%

1%의 어떤 것 1% of Anything Review

Episode 01: From Destiny to Fate, 1% Chance of Love

Episode 02: Match Point, "I Don't Play Games Where I Lose"

Episode 03: A Problematic Man, "This is Cheating, You Know"

Episode 04: Business Relationship, "So You Better Not Fall For Me!"

Kim Da Hyun, also known as Kim Da Da: When you meet with someone, it's proper manners to start off with pleasantries...

Kim Da Hyun, also known as Kim Da Da: There isn't a single person in this world who tries to be frugal with their time when seeing someone they like. If anything, they go out of their way to make time.

Episode 05: Just Like Everyone Else, Starting to Do Things I've Never Done

Episode 06: Just Like Everyone Else, Spending Time Together in Our Busy Lives

Jung Hyun Jin: Guys make time for the girls they like, no matter what.

Episode 07: The Meaning of a Gift, From a Mere Memory to a Treasured One

Lee Jae In: I've been Lee Jae In of SH Group ever since I was born. I've never once lost my name, my position, or my status. I've never once thought that I was living someone else's life. And I've never given up on something I wanted to do because of someone else.

Kim Da Hyun, also known as Kim Da Da: You should call your parents (on your birthday) and say, "Thank you for giving birth to me and for raising me."

Kim Da Hyun, also known as Kim Da Da: "Your mine," that's what giving tie as a gift means.

Episode 08: A Confession of Sorts, "Stay Here, At My House, By My Side"

Lee Jae In: Nothing's for free in this world, you know.

Lee Jae In: The most important thing I learned from the General is to never forget about a debt; whether it may be a debt you have to repay, or one you have to be repaid for.

Episode 09: Jealousy Is An Unexpected Emotion I've Never Felt Before

Episode 10: Hate-Love, "Should I Spare Them?"

Lee Jae In: Issuing threats is for people who actually have the power to back it up, and you have to keep an eye on the other person while doing so.

Episode 11: Drunken Confessions, "Do You Want to See This Through Until the End, Even Though It May Be Hard?"

Jung Hyun Jin: A woman's sense of style is a reflection of her self-esteem, you know! Straighten your back, and have a confident look in your eyes.

Jung Hyun Jin: The one who gets angry first loses. So just smile no matter what!

Episode 12: Her Absence, It Feels Like My Heart is Going to Disappear

Episode 13: The End of the Contract, "Don't Meet a Good Person"

Episode 14: A Lie, "Will Time Really Heal Me?"

Episode 15: "I Love You", the True Feelings that He Revealed Too Late

Episode 16: 1% of Luck, the Person Who Makes Me Perfect