31 October 2016

고호의 별이 빛나는 밤에 Go Ho's Starry Night Quotes

Title: 고호의 별이 빛나는 밤에 Gohoui Byeoli Bitnaneun Bame
English Title:
  • Gogh, the Starry Night
  • Go Ho's Starry Night

고호의 별이 빛나는 밤에 Go Ho's Starry Night Review

Episode 01: Fateful Day

Go Ho: A project plan can be this way, or it can be that way. No one knows when it might change.

Go Ho: Running into someone with whom you've shared a love that has ended is cruel.

Go Ho: However, there's no better way to relieve stress than to eat this (spicy) food.

Go Ho: When it comes to meetings, sometimes we accomplish things, sometimes we don't.

Kang Tae Ho: When are you going to be able to think three seconds before you speak?

Go Ho: Is someone that you used to date someone that you know? Or is he someone you don't know?

Go Ho: Jealousy can be translated in two ways: envy and jealousy. Envy is something you feel because you want something you can't have. Jealousy is… hating it when others touch what belongs to you.
Go Ho: Then, what is it that I'm feeling right now?

Go Ho: There's always someone who finds the good ones before you do.

Go Ho:When it comes to relationships and rules about keeping distances, you should stay at least three feet away from someone you're not close to. That way, you feel safe.

Episode 02:

Go Ho: Idols are everywhere. They can have looks, they can have personality, they can have talent.

Go Ho: Reality is different than class.

Kang Tae Ho: Don't you know that taking care of your health is part of being a professional?

Go Ho: When one bad thing happens after another, they call it Murphy's Law... I am certain that Murphy's Law exists.

Go Ho: Why do you get to decide if it's nothing or something?

Go Ho: Just think about it. Whatever the case, he's a man who dumped me. He turned his back on me. His reasons don't matter. He turned away from me, neglected me, and abandoned me! A man who declared that he didn't care what happened to me. Is the woman stupid? Why would she go back to him?
...: Still, how can love change?
Go Ho: Why do you think that love in a woman can't change? Then you should be good to her! Women like men who are good to them, too. Women like guys who treat me well, too. Don't think a woman will just stand by, and do nothing!

Go Ho: I just want to be with a guy I like who likes me back. Even if it's not like passionate and dramatic love, I want him to think of me and only me.

Go Ho: Why do all men lie?
Choi Chang Sub: What do you mean? All people lie.

Go Ho: If you really like a person, you shouldn't say things like that. Why would you say things you don't mean, seriously?
Choi Chang Sub: That's just how life is. Some guys freeze, and can't say anything when they like a girl.

Episode 03:

Kang Hee Yeon: Men, especially men like Kang Tae Ho, don't do things for no reason.

Kang Hee Yeon: That's why you have to look at a man's actions, rather than his words.
Go Ho: That's what I'm saying, actions.

Go Ho: I just want to be with a guy I like who likes me back. Even if it's not like passionate and dramatic love, I want him to think of me and only me.

Kang Tae Ho: The hardest thing in the world is moving someone's heart.

Go Ho: When I was younger, it was enough just to like someone. That was enough to jump right into a relationship. Now, I think about the end before I even get started. I think about whether or not that end will make things difficult for me. I think about making a rational decision that an adult would make.

Kang Tae Ho: If there's something you have to say, it's best you get straight to the point.

Go Ho: I don't know the meaning of doing something roughly.

Kang Tae Ho:
Although age is just a number, as every year passes, one should act their age.

Episode 04:

Go Ho: That's what a relationship is. worrying together and making decisions together.

Go Ho: No matter what the problem was, first, and before everything else, you should have told me.

Go Ho: However, even though I hadn't forgotten everything, I had changed.

Go Ho: Thinking about it, there was a lot I hadn't noticed.

Kang Tae Ho: Be clear with your position, then I will respond accordingly.

Go Ho: It's the people you love the most, that you say things that hurt you the most. That's what they say. Who did this person get hurt by, that they came to this painful epiphany?

Park Jin Woo: I just don't understand why my score is so low.
Oh Jung Min: You now knowing why is the problem.

Choon Chang Sub: Go Ho, drink something expensive. Expensive is what tastes good.

Go Ho: Jean Sartre said this, "Like is nothing but a series of choices, starting at birth, and ending at death."

Go Ho: You can't go back to the good times, but better times will come.