31 October 2016

고호의 별이 빛나는 밤에 Go Ho's Starry Night

Title: 고호의 별이 빛나는 밤에 Gohoui Byeoli Bitnaneun Bame
English Title:
  • Gogh, the Starry Night
  • Go Ho's Starry Night
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Year: 2016
Episode: 04
  • 권유리 Kwon Yu Ri
  • 김영광 Kim Young Kwang
  • 이지훈 Lee Ji Hoon
  • 신재하 Shin Jae Ha
  • 김지훈 Park Jin Woo
  • 최덕문 Choi Duk Moon
  • 강래연 Kang Rae Yeon
  • 황영희 Hwang Young Hee
  • 장성원 Jang Sung Won
  • 박은지 Park Eun Ji
  • 이유진 Lee Yoo Jin
  • 김용구 Kim Yong Goo

Go Ho is a 29-year-old an advertising executive. She used to work under Kang Tae Ho, a genius advertiser who always gives her a hard time but trained her to be good at her job.

Ho finds out that she's transferring to a new team, and her new superior at work is Hwang Ji Hoon, her boyfriend of three years who suddenly broke up with her with no explanation whatsoever.

Go Ho Starry Night is an interesting drama about work and relationships. It's one of the very few recent Korean dramas I like as a whole, although it's not without flaws. Be that as it may, I can highly recommend the short drama both for entertainment purposes and for intellectual reasons.

It's a drama that makes you think about relationships: how it gets started, how it gets going, how (and even why) it ends, and how to deal with the aftermath if you find yourself in social situations with an ex-lover that you just can't avoid for one reason or another.

However, I must really point out how unrealistic the drama is because all the guys Go Ho works with are in love with her. I mean, the odds of even one or two colleagues liking her romantically are small enough as it is, but no, the drama needed all the relevant male characters to be in love with her, and I just don't understand why that has to be the case.

Would the drama be less than satisfactory if it's only Kang Tae Ho that loves her? I don't think so, and in fact, that might be a better way of making the drama's main points across to the audience.

I suppose I would also like to discuss how the relevant female characters in Go Ho Starry Night are all ideal representations of women in society: there's the older female colleague who's happily married, there's the average female lead who is loved by everyone, and there's the young female colleague who's like a real-life idol.

If you really think about it, everything is very different in real life: there's the older female colleague who's not in any kind of relationship whatsoever, there's the average female who is not loved by all the men around her, and there's the young female colleague who doesn't have everything. Why are these women not part of the narrative when I'm quite certain there's more of them in this world?

고호의 별이 빛나는 밤에 Go Ho's Starry Night