20 September 2016

好きな人がいること Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto Quotes

Title: 好きな人がいること Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto
English Title: A Girl and Three Sweethearts

Episode 01

Ishikawa Wakaba: If you're going to live with a guy, even the house is a battlefield. You have to arm yourself properly!
Ishikawa Wakaba: After you get out of the bath, you should wear "no makeup" makeup. Wear your hair up so your nape is exposed.

Ishikawa Wakaba: Install Instagram… so you can have a good off-line life! You can't have a good off-line life if you don't have an awesome Instagram to prove it!

Ishikawa Wakaba: When you have someone you like, your whole world will change.

Episode 02

Sakurai Misaki: When you were a kid, didn't you feel really happy when you got a reward? ... "Even though it was tough, I'm glad I worked hard." It made me really happy to be able to think that.
Sakurai Misaki: I wonder why can't adults get rewards too...
Shibasaki Kanata: Why are you questioning something so obvious?

Sakurai Misaki: What words would make you happy if someone said them to you?
Sakurai Misaki: For me, it would be "you're cool".

Episode 03

Shibasaki Kanata: Lying about your feelings for the sake of someone else, if you're going to give up for that kind of reason, then that's how as far as your feelings go; not very far at all.

Episode 04

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Episode 08

Himura Nobuyuki, also known as Noburin: Cuantas mas lagrimas, te hace mas fuerte! It means, "you can only become as strong as the number of tears you shed."

Episode 09

Episode 10